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SEOPage 1 for Cheap London Escorts in Just 3 Months

We’ve only gone and done it again!

It’s not every day a brand-new escort agency skyrockets to Page 1 on Google for “Cheap London Escorts,” but Lollipop Escorts knew they had to aim high when they enlisted our services. At Adult Creative, we’ve once again proven why we’re the premier digital agency in the adult industry.

From surging page views to impressive Page 1 rankings, here’s how we made it happen for Lollipop Escorts.

Lollipop Escorts

Lollipop Escorts approached us as a new cheap London escort agency, and when we say new, we mean brand-spanking new! They needed a unique, sleek and professional platform that captured their brand’s essence, along with creative features to help them stand out. On top of that, they also required strong search engine rankings to boost their page views and conversions.

To achieve all this and more, they chose to partner with Adult Creative – an industry leader in web development, adult SEO, and adult marketing. In just a few short months, Lollipop Escorts grew from an unknown entity to one of the top agencies listed on Google for “Cheap London Escorts” – a remarkable achievement, if we might say so ourselves.

What’s the secret behind their rapid success? Our innovative approach to adult web design and SEO. By consistently achieving top rankings and maintaining position 1 keywords, we propelled Lollipop Escorts to the forefront of a highly competitive market.

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From the moment their site went live, Lollipop Escorts made an immediate impact, debuting on page 2 for their primary keyword, “Cheap London Escorts.” Within just 3 months, they achieved the page 1 status all escort agencies yearn for.

But the success didn't stop there. They experienced an astonishing 2097% increase in page views, started ranking for over 400 keywords, and secured more than 65 page 1 results in just 5 months. “Outcall London Escorts” and “Cheap Escorts London” were just some of the competitive keywords they were now ranking for.


Increase in Page Views


New Page 1 Results in 5 Months


New Keywords





The first and most important objective was to design a professional escort agency website that resonated perfectly with Lollipop Escorts’ brand. They envisioned a site that was sleek, professional, and vibrant, with a responsive design to ensure an optimal mobile user experience. We embraced this challenge, aiming to deliver a platform that stood out from the rest.

To boost their traffic, it was crucial for the website to be SEO-friendly at its core. Leveraging our expertise, we focused on building a site with top-notch speed, seamless crawlability, and excellent usability. See the design we created to achieve these goals.

This foundational work was key to enhancing their visibility and performance online, leading us to the next critical step…



Our aim was clear from the start: to propel Lollipop Escorts to the top of Google search results by securing the highest number of position 1 keywords.

The first step in achieving this involved meticulous keyword research. We aimed to identify emerging trends and new search terms ripe for optimisation. This thorough analysis set the foundation for staying ahead of the curve, allowing us to align our strategies with the ever-changing world of online searches.

By understanding and leveraging these insights, we positioned Lollipop Escorts for sustained success in their SEO efforts.



Our multi-faceted approach to Adult SEO included the optimisation of content, meta tags, and images to align with targeted keywords and improve user experience. We also utilised user behaviour and performance metrics to make data-driven decisions, whilst acquiring high-quality backlinks to boost site authority and search rankings. 

This cohesive strategy positioned Lollipop Escorts to achieve and maintain top rankings, which in turn would drive traffic and conversions effectively.


Escort Agency Web Design and Development: Every great escort agency starts with a great website. With this in mind, we aimed to develop a unique, vibrant site that followed the latest trends, whilst aligning perfectly with the brand’s identity.

Adult SEO: The difference between an average escort agency and a leading one lies in its Adult SEO strategy, and ours is the best in the industry. This includes on-page optimisation, content enhancement, data analysis, staying current with Google’s algorithm updates, and strategic link-building. By fortifying key pages and supporting blogs, we would ensure Lollipop Escorts achieve and maintain high rankings for their target keywords.

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2097% Increase in Page Views

The Campaign

✔️ UI Design Service

✔️ Web Development 

✔️ Audit and Planning 

✔️ Keyword Research

✔️ Content Enhancement

✔️ Page Speed Optimisation 

✔️ Link-Building

The campaign involved our web design and development team creating a brand-new website from scratch. We used a professional, responsive design that adapted seamlessly to various devices, supported by a bespoke CMS for profile management, bookings, and custom-made features.

As for our adult SEO specialists, they worked tirelessly to achieve top Google rankings, employing sophisticated tools for behaviour analysis and meta-optimization. This resulted in a substantial increase in website traffic, dominance in key search terms, and consistent page 1 rankings for highly competitive industry keywords.

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"Amazing company and excellent customer service - those are only a few words that will describe Adult Creative. I am really happy to work with them and I do recommend this company for anyone who needs a website."


In just a few short months, Adult Creative has delivered stellar results for Lollipop Escorts, and the journey is far from over. While achieving Page 1 results for competitive keywords is a significant milestone, especially for a new agency, we never rest on our laurels. With us by their side, Lollipop Escorts are poised for even greater heights.

Ready to elevate your digital presence? Contact Adult Creative today and let’s craft the next chapter of your success story together!

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