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PPCConversion Triumph: 1000%+ Value Surge!

When dealing with a recovery plan for businesses, it’s extremely important to pay close attention to even the finest details. This is exactly what we had to do for passionbugs, a sex toy ecommerce store that operates in the UK. Passionbugs approached us after an extremely negative and unsuccessful experience with Lord Alan Sugar’s previous digital marketing agency, Climb Online with the goal of asking our aid to help them recover.


After mounting success with SEO from February, 2023, passionbugs thought to expand their marketing efforts by exploring what Pay-Per-Click can do for them. This came after a recent rough patch with Lord Alan Sugar’s previous marketing agency: Climb Online; which ended in much disappointment. 

This caused passionbugs to be sceptical about the efficacy of the service. In the face of these challenges, Adult Creative aimed to reshape these perceptions, light the path to success, and rewrite the narrative of Passionbugs’ engagement with PPC.

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At the end of the first quarter spent with us, we performed a quarterly evaluation of the project as a whole and the work we performed on it. Passionbugs was extremely happy with our work and how quick we were able to turn their advertising efforts around.


Increase in conversion value


Increase in impressions


Increase in clicks





As stated above, the key focus of this campaign was to help passionbugs recover from their recent losses and create an account hierarchy that is healthy and more importantly, supports further growth and scaling.



Our attention was primarily focused on optimising all parts of the account and then, releasing a set of highly optimised and hyper targeted ads that will act as the primary vehicle for passionbugs’ advertising efforts.


Cutting Costs

Through optimisation of the ads we could work on cutting costs and managed to decrease cost per conversion by 15.4%.


As one of The UK’s leading marketing agencies in the Adult space, we have the experience needed to help businesses such as passionbugs recover and skyrocket their earnings. 

As we do with all of our clients, we took a completely personalised approach to this project tailored passionbugs. Upon evaluating the products offered, performing market and audience research, we developed 2 brand new campaigns for passionbugs, each with ad creatives that highly resonate with users and stand out from the rest. 

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885% Increase In Conversions

The Campaign

✔️   Value Based Bidding 

✔️   Broad-Match Centric Campaign(s)

✔️   Hyper-targeted & Optimised Creatives

✔️   Bespoke Campaign Strategy


After a quick assessment of passionbugs’ analytics and sales data, we were able to identify a number of initial starting ad groups that we can roll out to release as our first ads. This was decided based on a combination of historic sales data and estimated gain as well as search volumes of each keyword within a category.

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After a couple of failed attempts with other SEO and PPC companies we came to Adult Creative. We didn't hold out much hope having spent a fortune previously for very little return, but these guys are different. The passion and commitment that Lewis, Mate and Charlie have shown to our business has been outstanding. They are honest and open about expectations, they keep us up to date every step of the way and they respond quickly and effectively to any concerns we may have regarding campaigns and budget performance. The knowledge they have between them has been invaluable and we are learning and growing each week from their support and guidance. It is an asset to have them working with passionbugs and we highly recommend them.


Navigating the ever-changing world of Google Pay-per-click is an extremely difficult and time-heavy task but it doesn’t need to be. Allow us with our years of industry experience and skills to look after your marketing for you and watch as your earnings go through the roof. 

As one of the UK’s leading adult industry marketing agencies, we know exactly what it takes to make your business succeed. Turn search demand into profit with Adult Creative’s expert PPC management services. Book a free consultation today!

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