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Web DesignNew Redesign Led to 66% Increase in Conversions

If there’s one thing we at Adult Creative are renowned for, it’s our dedication to exceeding client expectations.

Take London Deluxe, for example. We’ve been working with this esteemed client for nearly three years, continuously delivering outstanding results. Recently, we identified an opportunity to further elevate their success. The solution? A complete website redesign.

Read on to discover how our efforts resulted in a sleeker, more user-friendly website, and how it led to an increase in conversions and overall performance.

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London Deluxe

Before giving their website a complete makeover, London Deluxe had already been a valued client of Adult Creative for over two years. Known for their stellar London escort services, they have steadily grown under our expert guidance in escort web design, SEO, and marketing. Did our efforts dwindle at all? No… no, they did not.

Recognising that 75% of visitors will assess a company’s credibility based on the design of its website, we saw an opportunity in May 2024  to elevate the client’s online presence even further. What this led to was a full redesign of their website, which incorporated several innovative features and optimisations.

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In just one month, the website redesign yielded some pretty impressive results, most notably a 66% increase in conversions. This improvement was driven by enhanced user experience, with new features that helped make the site more interactive and visually appealing, as well as strategic SEO implementations.


Increase in Conversions


Increase in Girl Profile Views


Increase in Location Page Interactions





Our process involves understanding a client’s specific needs and then customising their site accordingly.

So, to kick off our efforts, we spoke to London Deluxe to learn more about what their aims were, and which custom features to build to enhance their website’s functionality.



Our focus was not only on improving the look of the client’s website but its usability and functionality too.

Through regular technical audits, we would identify areas of improvement and implement changes to enhance site performance, speed, and usability. 


Design & Develop

The next step would be to then design and develop a new-cutting-edge escort agency website that engages the user.

Enhancements like a new filtering system, video gallery, and image sliders would help to improve user interaction, while also contributing to higher engagement rates and conversions.


Escort Agency Web Design & Development: Every great escort agency starts with a great website. With this in mind, we aimed to give the client’s website a full redesign that not only utilised the latest features but also perfectly aligned with the brand’s identity as a professional agency. 

Content Enhancement: We would continually update and enhance the website content to keep it relevant, engaging, and informative. This would include a robust Adult SEO strategy, which would be employed on the agency’s many location pages to ensure sustained visibility and high rankings on search engines. 

Technical Improvements: With our client’s needs now established, we now knew what needed to be done to both improve the site and increase conversions. This would include the development of a new filtering system, a “Locations Near Me” feature, adding a video gallery, transforming the image gallery into a slider, and redesigning the girls’ profile pages.

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66% Increase in Conversions

The Campaign

Our objective was clear: to enhance the user experience, improve engagement, and boost conversions for London Deluxe. To achieve this, we focused on several key areas:

✔️ SEO-Optimized Content

✔️ New Filtering System

✔️ Video Gallery and Image Slider

✔️ Redesigned Profile Pages

✔️ Locations Near Me Feature

The campaign resulted in a substantial increase in website traffic, improved user engagement, and a significant rise in conversions, solidifying London Deluxe’s position as a leading escort agency in London.

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"I’ve had an agency website built called London Deluxe and it’s been a fantastic service ever since joining Adult Creative.The whole team care about giving 100%, so good on them."


Delivering outstanding results for London Deluxe is a habit of ours here at Adult Creative. The recent website redesign – having generated such great results after just one month – only shows how dedicated we are to innovation and excellence.

We’re excited to continue driving success for London Deluxe, and look forward to what our next challenge might be. 

Ready to elevate your digital presence? Contact Adult Creative today and join us in crafting the next chapter of your success story!

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Blonde model in hot pants

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