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Adult Entertainment

Interview With Tara Spades

October 3, 2022

The following is an interview with adult star Tara Spades. She is an actress, pornstar and onlyfans creator. 

During our interview with Tara, she discusses how swinging with her partner led to her career in porn and her love for sex on and off camera.


Hi Tara, how are you?

I’m good, how are you?


Yes I’m very good thank you! So could you tell me a bit about yourself, when did you get started in the industry?

I started 13 years ago really, quite a long time ago. It all started with swinging, so I was into swinging and then that’s how it’s gone on from there, I decided to do a bit of filming instead of just going to parties.


So you just started off with you and your partner swinging? 

Yeah just having fun really.


Did that lead you into making films?

Yeah the first one was long ago for an online American company. It was years ago and I haven’t even seen it to be fair because I think they must have gone bankrupt or something, so they aren’t on the scene anymore. Then I went to a bukkake party and that’s where I was picked up from onwards. So somebody asked me if I could just do one for the fan base because they wanted to see me in a scene like this which I hadn’t even heard of. I kind of got picked up on it so for a long time, probably a few years, I was doing a couple of shoots for splat bukkake and that’s where it started off more intensive for porn. 

What was it like filming your first ever scene?

I was very young, not young in age as I was 30, but young in the industry, so you sort of don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t know what to expect, don’t know how it will look afterwards. But I will tell you one thing: I do not like to watch myself back.


Do you not watch any of your videos back?

I have never watched them in full, I’ve seen part of them and I see people posting a section of the video on Pornhub or other media platforms but I have never watched the full scene, no.


Interesting! So your first ever scene was it just yourself or was there a few of you?

The one was just myself. I was acting like a young hot wife, actually not a hot wife – a housewife. I was in the library surprising my ‘in the film husband’ and then in the bedroom and I was acting in one scene as a young school girl getting a house visitor. Interesting scenes. I didn’t even have fake boobs then so I was just completely young. You wouldn’t even recognise me on them probably.


Obviously you’ve filmed quite a lot of scenes in your time, does doing this for a job mean that you cant enjoy sex as much off camera?

No no no, actually I really love sex. I could have sex all the time to be fair, thats why I started this whole thing actually – I thought swinging just want enough. I don’t know how others are about swinging, but you have to find the perfect match and if you win with your partner there will be another couple who either you or your partner might not match with. I mean you can go easy and find nice couples – of course there are loads of nice couples – and it’s very popular, but if you want to find the perfect match sometimes it’s really hard. But doing porn, I prefer that more because it’s kind of performing but outside of that is where I build my fantasy for porn, in my private life. 


Is there anyone in the industry that you haven’t worked with but would like to?

Yeah, probably loads of performers, I would have really liked to have filmed back in time for blacked because I was Tara Spades the hot wife. I tried to get in but I think the reason I couldn’t get it was because of my fake boobs as they go for more natural looking beauties. But I just gave up on it and shot with other companies. I like to shoot with Mature NL because it suits my age now. I’m the one who gets the younger pornstars and I love it.


For your new fans, what video that you’ve made would you recommend them watching?

I recommended them to watch my own private videos that I make with my partner, because I think they are way more natural. We just go as it goes, we don’t have to keep stopping and cutting. We do loads together with my partner Chris Jay, and we do loads of videos just ourselves that we share on our OnlyFans. My favourite of what I have been doing is Fake Taxi and the Mature NL videos that I have just done which has just been released. I did a shoot in May in Budapest and it’s just now been released. I think that’s a really good one – I’m a step mom in that one.


Are the ones that you’re filming with your partner exclusive to your onlyfans?

No, at the moment I dont have my own site – I did a while ago but sadly it got hacked so I took it down. That is my plan in the future to start back up my own website where you can see my videos with the same couple (Tara and Chris) and we will introduce others into it. I like the idea of them all being just one couple.


Is that your most popular content?

We get loads of people requesting it on twitter, so many people like to see porn for the professionality of it, but then again some people just want to see something more real, more natural. They are more likely to come to us and to request a custom video. We do like to make custom videos for people as that fulfils their fantasy. 


Since working in the industry what is one thing you have learned about yourself sexually?

What I learned about myself the most is that I can do it, so I always felt sexual. I am a big exhibitionist – I liked to get dressed up and go down the street even before I was a pornstar. It’s just something that I enjoy doing. Not doing anything actually naughty, just to tease people in public. I just always liked this idea, basically porn brought me more fulfilment with that, where I can show myself. If you think about it, it is quite brave of a pornstar to fully expose herself because that actually can take your pride off in a way. So you walk down the street and no one knows what you look like under your clothes. When we walk down the street everybody knows how we look under our clothes. I was worried about how I would react to this but I actually like it. This is what I explored – I like it when somebody recognises me in a shop, it’s more of a tease for me. Thinking they actually know what I look like under this outfit, I might just be in a pair of jeans, slippers and little top, but they know exactly what is underneath and I find that very naughty, you do no harm with that.


So you enjoy the tease of it all the most?

That’s my problem. I am an exhibitionist. I like the reaction but at the same time it’s quite funny.  I don’t want to do anything – I just want to walk and behave like I do. I think many girls do this, it’s natural behaviour.


Is there anything you’ve been asked to do on set that you really didn’t want to do?

For me the anal scene is a little bit too much. I know this might sound funny because everyone is doing it, but for me it is private. So I think that only with certain people I will share that with, when others are there watching, it’s very private to me. I know some people find it very sexy but for me I just don’t find it as sexy as a normal scene, I find it very private which is weird to hear from me. I do custom videos where I will do anal but for me I would not want to do a video online for anyone to see.


So you’re happy to do it but aren’t really comfortable filming it to be posted online?

Kind of – I think it’s very personal. I need to know the person to be very free. I can’t relax with a random pornstar who I’ve never met – which means I can’t do it. 


Would you say theres more money in the anal scenes?

Probably, I actually don’t know because I’ve never done it. I guess they get paid for a set and it’s an agreed price. To be fair, all the producers are really respectful so you are not being pushed to do something. It’s always around you – it’s all about the actress which I think is quite nice that they look after us and they discuss beforehand what you are happy and aren’t happy to do, so there are no surprises when you turn up.


That’s good, so is everything you will be doing on set discussed before?

Yeah it is really nice – they usually send you a text or an email to say what they require and ask if there is anything that you won’t do. Then they match the perfect star with you or you can negotiate a price with them if you do not want to do everything they require. You can’t expect them to pay you so much money if you won’t be doing everything they require in the scene.


What is your favourite thing to do at work, or your favourite scene to shoot? 

I really like girl on girl, I don’t know why – I guess I must be a little bit of a lesbian haha! I find these scenes very gentle and very sexy for some reason. I am actually open to a variety. I like fantasy so as long as it’s not the same script going on and on and knows what to expect. I like surprises, like let’s not make the same scene we’ve done 10 times before. I even like making it more colourful, like let’s not do the same bra and thong and stockings, like let’s try a new dress or something. It’s really hard because everything has been shot before, I don’t even know if there is anything new to film!


I’m sure they will find something new, there’s always room for new ideas!

Yeah I wonder how it will go, don’t you? Wonder how it will look in 10 years time.


Yeah it has changed so much over time, the industry is definitely booming at the minute.

Sometimes I do think where else can it go? Even when I’m at home doing a private video I find it hard, trying to come up with ideas ‘cause this has been seen before. Coming up with the scenarios is hard



Do you come up with all the ideas for your private content?

I do, but I imagine if I was the one watching it, what would I like to see? You know this isn’t always satisfying for everyone probably but it’s really hard to think. Once you know the subject of the scene, you can actually act it out because you know you can’t change your body – that will be the same. Thinking about what will catch the viewer is hard!

You know what would be a good idea, you know when you watch a series on TV and how that develops, but with porn!

Interesting idea! Do you know if this has ever been done before?

I don’t know, I know there are erotic movies, but it’s interesting to watch a series with actors like it’s a relationship. Basically 50 Shades of Grey – anything you think of has been done. Saying that, it doesn’t actually show anything because it’s on TV – in porn you could go very far with that. Something like that but more full-on in a relationship, adding more characters. I would actually pay to watch that to see how it goes. 


That’s your next project then! When you’re not filming, what is your favourite sex position?

I like missionary – very old fashioned. If you are swinging, it is different because obviously every position is good but with your own partner I like missionary as I can feel it more. I like to make love, it’s just something that I would miss because in porn you don’t make love.


If you hadn’t gone into the porn industry, what do you think you’d be doing for a career?

Good question, I was teaching before. Now that is out of the way, I cannot go back to that now because of what I have done in porn. Any school wouldn’t employ me now. I don’t know what I would have done to be fair. I have always wanted to do porn and modelling since I was young. When I was brought up, it was a very religious life. I didn’t dream that it would ever happen and it did happen. I’m just so glad I could do it. I saw a porn magazine when I was 13. I just fell in love with bravery. I saw these lovely women – long ago, you wouldn’t see them online, you would only see them in the movies or magazines. I thought wow how brave because these people have neighbours and families. How free they must feel doing that. I was only 13 and I just thought wow they just do it and don’t care and I wanted to have that freedom in my life. Do you know to break all the barriers – I still have this feeling, you know. Where I was born and when I go back people look at me – I wonder how many of the people looking at me know what I do and how many still have no idea. 


Do you think it made you more confident?

Yes, I always wanted to achieve being free enough to do what I want, that’s something not many people can do.


Must be tough to get into it will all the haters online trying to bring you down.

Yeah exactly, when I first started, I had a profile on Adult Work without showing my face – it was all blurred out. Because you just don’t know how it’s going to turn and if you can even be able to do it. You better be ready to delete it all off and just carry on with your work, but I just stood by it and there was one point where I was just like I don’t want to hide my face anymore – I want people to have a face to the body they see and it just went further from there. And now it doesn’t matter haha whatever I do is out there and you can’t stop it now. People are always making fake profiles, Facebook, Twitter, the lot, and I see a lot of pornstars have the same problem. I still don’t understand why anyone would use your pictures and pretend to be you.



It must be hard especially on social media, because with your profiles being explicit it’s easy to have them removed or taken down.

Yeah and sometimes you try to report these people making fake profiles and they did not breach any rules. I just think how they do nothing wrong but they are using my pictures. That was once my response from one of these websites, and I said you can clearly see that this is me, that they are using my photos pretending to be someone else, and they just allowed it as they aren’t doing anything wrong.


Wow, that’s really bad.

Yeah and you know what is the hardest? You work hard, work hard on your body and you actually drop your pride ‘cause you put yourself out there then someone can just take your pictures and make a fake profile, which is quite sad. It’s one thing if they are fans and they just love you but it’s another thing if they are trying to scam you and make money using your content – promising them thongs and bras and stockings that they are going to send over to them, which is very easy to be fooled. They send the money to someone else and then it makes your real reputation bad. ‘Cause when you come along as a real person asking if they want to buy your sexy tights, they don’t want to because they’ve been scammed before.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

You know I love dogs, I love sports, I’m a big fitness fan, I run almost everyday. That is my favourite thing. I like to sit down in the evening and have a nice drink after a long day. I am an animal lover, I have dogs myself and I walk 3 times a day. I have 2 big dogs which I love to bits. I have always had dogs for many years. Before I moved to the UK, I used to do dog exhibits all over the UK with springer spaniels and other dogs. That was one thing I also wanted to do when I was younger, I think if I didn’t do porn I would have actually done this. Something around dogs, breeding dogs, working at dog shelters and maybe this is something that I will do in the future. I would love to give homes to unwanted dogs one day.


Aww that’s lovely! Can you describe to me your perfect date?

The dream date for me is very simple. I love to go out for a meal, but before I go for a nice walk. I just love nature, going out and having a lovely walk in nature. I don’t want to go to the cinema. I don’t want to go to a posh restaurant. I want to feel at ease. A pizza would do, I’m not a massive pizza fan but on a date that is an occasion I would like a pizza. I really love eating naughty food when I’m out. When I’m not out I like to eat healthy. I’m actually a vegan. When I eat out I usually eat vegetarian but at home I am a vegan. Then I would like to just go home and have a drink. I wouldnt want to watch a movie, just sit and chat and end the night in sex would be perfect for me.


I didn’t know you were vegan! How long have you been vegan for?

2 years now! Sadly I haven’t done it for many years. I have always eaten healthy because of my love for fitness, but I wasn’t vegan or vegetarian then. But then 2 years ago I decided to be vegetarian as I went off meat slowly. But it’s very hard to be vegan when you love cheese! I don’t know about you but I love cheese!


I absolutely do love cheese too.

They do have vegan replacements for cheese  but it’s not the same. I find it really fatty because it’s got coconut butter or oil in it which is full of saturated fat. So if I go for cheese I would go for a triangle cheese with less fat in it, but I could just eat so much of it.


Who is your celebrity crush?

When I was young I really liked Tom Cruise, I mean I still do haha. But I like Steven Seagal! I used to have his posters all over my wall because he was cool haha. I like loads of singers – Guns and Roses and Queen. It wasn’t a love crush but I LOVE their music.


Going back to your work, is there a specific fantasy that you would like to live out on camera?

Yeah, the naughty bride, which I’ve done on Fake Taxi before but it wasn’t the same. It’s the bride going to get married and properly walk down the aisle but instead of guests it just turns into a big swinging party. That would be a cool scene ahah! But it would only be cool if it is actually real, with real swingers. One of my friends is a manager of a swingers club and you’ve just given me an idea to bring this forward to her.


I’ve never heard of that one before haha.

Because I’ve just thought of it right now haha! When you ask me questions I start to think about what I would like to do and what I haven’t done before. I’ve had it in my mind before about doing this in a church but of course you would not be able to do this in a real church. I wouldn’t want to do it in a real church for respect but doing it in a swingers club is a good idea!



What do your family and friends think about your career choice?

My family was a little shocked at first but everyone is over it now, most of my family knows about it now. I do not hide it or make up stories about it now. I used to tell them I wasn’t working at the time – I was just at home. At first I didn’t want to go and tell them that this is what I wanted to do – you just have to tell them ‘hey look this is what i’m doing now’. They were okay with it. My friends are just happy for me, they think it’s quite cool that I’m brave enough to do what I do. Everyone at first has the reaction of ‘wow I didn’t think you would do something like this’, but once they get used to it they send me messages asking if I’ve done any new scenes which is quite nice! 


Are they supportive of you now?

They didn’t really have a choice because, like I said, I had already done it so it was already out and all over the internet. All I said is that I’m doing what I want to do. You know when you do this job, you kind of grow stronger in yourself and get to a point where you don’t care what people are thinking about me and judging me. You get to that point and you kind of have to think this way –  it sounds harsh but you have to not care what people think because it’s your life. If you didn’t you would just break all the time.



Leading on from that, do you have any advice that you wish you had gotten when you first started out? Any advice for anyone getting into the industry?

I have said this before – when you first start, there is not much help to know where to even start, or how to get companies to spread the news about you. It would be good to have someone who could give you advice on these things. I know that there are loads of companies where you can send your portfolio to, which I did over and over again, but there is no real ex-pornstar who would do it for you. Would be nice to have an association of pornstars where they can freely chat about this. I get many messages on my Twitter from people asking me how to get into the industry, especially guys and I have to tell them I don’t know because I am a female and I wouldn’t know how men would start. For example, it would be good if you sign up to these adult websites such as onlyfans, if they had a brand from their site which offers advice from one of the stars.

People don’t really go to agencies anymore – that’s how I started off. It would be good for the site to offer more help on this if people have to share their ID to prove they are a real agency, as this would mean it would be more real. Then the girls would have more safety knowing that it is a real person and a real company offering work.


Is that a worry for you?

If somebody contacts me on Twitter, yes absolutely. They can just tell me they are a producer but I don’t know. It’s happened to me before – I have been scammed by a producer. They told me they are doing photos, so I went to the whole shoot and then two years later I had emails from his wife saying you’re this and that and names loads of other girls to me, so we had been scammed. He was just a guy pretending to work in the field and would just go taking photos of girls. When you are new, you fall for it – no one should laugh as it is very easy to fall for it especially when you are new in the industry. I was paid for it – I really thought it was a real production but it was just his little hobby I guess, acting out his fantasy.  Using us all to then get all these horrible emails later on. I feel bad for the wife, it’s not her fault but it’s not my fault either.


That’s great Tara, thank you so much for taking the time to chat to me today. It was lovely to meet you. 

Thank you very much. It was a nice interview!


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