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Adult Creative Achieves Global Recognition for London Escort Agency

January 19, 2023

From local to global: The story of how Adult Creative helped London Deluxe make world news

Over the past week, London Deluxe has been at the centre of a news story that has been featured in Russian, UK and Ukrainian news.

London Deluxe came to us asking how we could increase brand awareness and achieve organic links in the adult industry and we were up for the challenge.

In an effort to increase London Deluxe’s brand awareness and gain natural backlinks, our team strategised and devised a plan to make mainstream news. By leveraging our established network of journalists, we pitched unique perspectives on real world events. The results exceeded our expectations and set a new standard in digital marketing for the escort industry.

One of our successful pitches was to the Daily Star, where we highlighted the impact of train strikes on the escort industry, including an interview with the agency owner. Our goal was to create mainstream headlines and we were thrilled when the story was published by The Daily Star and later featured on Russian national news, a rare feat for an escort agency.

Following the publication of our story, Russian news host Olga Skabeyeva featured it on her Pro-Putin show, presenting it as a propaganda piece that portrayed the train strikes in Britain as having a negative impact on the prostitution industry.

Our SEO Manager Lewis, who pitched the idea to the Daily Star, shared his perspective on the inspiration behind the story: ‘With the recent coverage of train strikes and the cost of living crisis in the news, I felt that certain perspectives were being overlooked. I wanted to explore the unique impact of these events on the adult industry’.”

“When I reached out to the owner of London Deluxe to gather their personal insights on the impact of train strikes on their business, they shared with me the financial losses they had incurred and the struggles of their escorts. The information was intriguing and I believed it would be of interest to a wider audience.

“I approached the Daily Star with the story and the journalist was immediately interested. Collaborating closely with the journalist to bring the story to publication in The Daily Star was a rewarding experience. Our team was ecstatic with the final outcome of the article, particularly the unexpected inclusion of my name in the piece.”

Lewis from Adult Creative added, “from discussions with our clients, we know that many people in the escort industry have lost large amounts of money from the train strikes because businessmen aren’t able to get in and out of the city”.

The Daily Star reported that the train strikes had resulted in a significant financial loss for London Deluxe, with weekly bookings dropping by over £20,000 as people were unable to travel to the capital. Other agencies in the area also reported substantial losses, with some losing up to £70,000.

Although Lewis had anticipated interest in the story, he never expected it to be featured on live Russian TV. He was surprised when he came across an article in the Daily Mail and realized the extent of the story’s reach. He said:

“Initially, I believed that The Mail had re-purposed our idea without giving credit to our work, but upon reading the article, I was shocked to see how our story was used as propaganda by one of Putin’s allies against the UK.”

“It was truly unbelievable to see Olga Skabeyeva, the Iron Doll, make claims on live Russian TV, using information directly sourced from London Deluxe.”


The Daily Mail reported that Skabeyeva had claimed that “every English brothel” had lost between £30,000 and £70,000 since January 3rd, due to the train strikes preventing British prostitutes from receiving their clients.

Although Skabeyeva had used the story for propaganda purposes, Lewis recognised the significance of the reach the article had. He said:

“The story even prompted a response from Ukrainian official Anton Geraschenko, who defended the UK. It highlights the power of one idea and the impact that digital marketing can have on a brand.”

Despite the generalisations made by Skabeyeva, Lewis understood the importance of the reach this article has. It allowed the story to be read by people from different parts of the world and it gave London Deluxe a chance to be known by more people.

“Our efforts have resulted in extensive media coverage, with the story being featured in major publications such as the Daily Star, Daily Mail, Daily Express, and The Metro. Furthermore, we have been informed that the Daily Star print team will be featuring the story in the national newspaper.”

“We are now dedicating our efforts to ensuring that all journalists covering the story use our original article as a credible source of information, in order to continually elevate London Deluxe’s brand awareness.”

“The publication of our original article has resulted in a significant increase in website traffic for London Deluxe, including an uptick in users, sessions, and an improvement in average engagement time.”

“Overall, I view the campaign as a resounding success and I hope it paves the way for more adult-related topics to be featured in mainstream media.”

If you are facing challenges growing your brand awareness, we encourage you to reach out to the SEO team at Adult Creative at 0330 113 1888. Together, we can explore ways to enhance your brand awareness, expand your website’s user base, and improve your Google search rankings.”