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Interview with Romi Chase

November 29, 2022

The following is an interview with adult content creator Romi Chase. She is a plus size model and social media influencer who has won multiple awards including the “Best BBW Premium Social Star” at the 2021 Xbiz awards. Romi is also a talented singer and is working on several singles. 

During our interview with Romi, she discusses her daily routine as an OnlyFans content creator, what her family thinks of her career path and her craziest requests from fans.

Hi Romi, how are you?

Good thank you!

That’s great, I’ve been watching your YouTube videos on the XBIX event in LA, how was it?

It was cool, you know I was expecting a bit more entertainment prepared by the company, it was more of a gathering of people where you can just chat and do whatever you want.

Ah right I see, we will be attending the Venus event in Berlin this year, hopefully we will attend some of the events in the US next year! So let’s get into it, when did you first start in the industry?

I first started in the industry in 2019, it was 2 years after I came to the states. I had just quit my teaching job in Poland, I was actually a highschool teacher! A lot of people can’t believe that because of how I look and what I do now! I came to the states in 2017, and was just thinking what can I do. I had a degree and masters in linguistics, but to teach in the US you need to go through a lot of courses and have to get certificates, and I hadn’t yet got my papers at that point as it takes a couple of years with emmigration services. So I started hustling on the side, I started to wrestle men for money, very skinny, small men and I just took it from there! Started with some glamour boudoir shots. I had it all planned out, I had researched it and I like to be prepared. In a company you have to think 15 moves ahead. I wanted to succeed and I knew it would happen. I just didn’t know when, how or how fast so that was a pleasant surprise that it happened so fast.

Wow that’s amazing, you seem like you’re a business minded kind of girl. So what was it that made you start in this industry?

I had no intention of becoming a teacher in the states, you’re overworked and underpaid and I did not want to do a 9-5. I wasn’t built for a 9-5, I’ve never enjoyed it and that is not what I wanted. When I came to the states it was a perfect opportunity to kind of start something new, something fresh, get out of my comfort zone. And never in my life thought that I would get naked on camera or be selling any kind of content or pleasing men sexually online. Like I said when I came here I ran into problems with immigration. I had to hustle, I had bills to pay. So I got into that and I just fell in love with the job. It gives so much freedom and independence and a sense of importance, I just love it.

That is such a big change, how nice it is to go from something like teaching which can be so tough to something you’ve absolutely fallen in love with.

It is such a drastic career switch, the most challenging part of the job is not having someone standing over you telling you what to do. When the deadlines are due, I have to do all this myself. I get up and I don’t have to clock in , I work from home, I’m my main motivator.

Can you talk me through a standard day in your life?

I get up around 6.30 in the morning, take a shower and have my morning coffee or tea, read some news, I like to read a lot. Then I spend some time researching and planning. I take this time in the morning to make my weekly plan, check my calendar and do all my tasks. I go downstairs and ‘clock into work’, I respond to messages, plan my posts for the day. I call this my survival task list of the day, I have a couple of task lists. My maintenance ones – responding to messages, liking posts, planning my content for the day and then there is my growth list, which is what I can do to improve, what is my next move. I don’t take many breaks, I’m a work-a-holic, it really helps when you really love what you’re doing. I don’t even see this as a job, mainly it is just something that I enjoy doing. In the evenings I take some time for myself, I will chill out, read a book, watch a movie, catch up on cultural stuff. That’s it basically.

What is one product that you can’t live without?

A very cliche answer but it would have to be my phone, that is the most important thing in my life at this point. It’s how I work, how I make money. I take pictures throughout the day, taking videos, voicenotes, I have to have it on me. Yesterday I was on my way to the studio, I was like okay let me take a selfie and realised I had left it at home, I had to turn straight back and go and get it.

So, what have you learned about yourself since working in the industry?

One thing I have learned about myself sexually is that I love to be the dominant, I love to dominate men. It’s kind of strange because society has a different idea of what women should be, they tell you to be humble, you need to keep quiet, look modest and be a good girl. I am embracing my mean side, haha, where I get compensated to be mean! There are men who have a humiliation fetish for example. I truly enjoy that, especially as it’s a consensual arrangement, so nobody’s getting hurt, no one’s feelings are hurt and boundaries are set, that’s what makes it really special, you can get really mean and at the same time know that this person loves it. I had no idea about this before I joined the industry, I had no idea that I enjoyed being the dominant so much!

Leading on from that, what is the craziest thing that you have ever been asked to do for work?

Haha! There have been a lot of things, I will name a couple.

There was this guy who was a fan from NZ or Australia I don’t remember, he had a shave fetish. Men that like to watch underarms, legs or private parts being shaved on camera is quite common. He took it to the next level. He wanted me to shave my head! And afterwards put a condom on my head and make a squeaky noise. He had a texture fetish as well as a shaving fetish. I can’t explain it, he was turned on by the bald head and the condom on it, needless to say that I didn’t do it haha! 

I do not blame you!

Even if I had considered it this it would be the most expensive custom project I would ever attempt. If you come to me with ideas like that you better have some fat pockets and do not haggle my rates haha. But um, other than that there was a guy who got off to being called racial slurs which I refuse to do. I do not participate in race play, this is pretty common though, men wanting to be called racial slurs, it probably has something to do with power play or domination, needless to say I didn’t do that either. They are just two. I have hundreds that I won’t go into haha!

What would you be doing for a career if you hadn’t got into the adult industry after you left teaching?

I think I would do really well as a branding consultant, or someone that is in HR department, that has something to do with human development and being in charge of certain projects. I think I could do really well because I naturally take on the leader position. I think I would enjoy something like that . However, I do not want to change my job, after this if someone sends me some HR position jobs just know I am happy where I am haha!

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I love to read, I read a lot of self help books, books that teach you how to change your mindset I have a very traumatic past and I still have a lot of traumas that I have not yet fully processed these books help a lot with setting your priorities straight and changing your mindset, I believe humans as a species are very negative, but when you get into these books you can really change who you are and how you react to failures and how to best motivate yourself. Which is so important for me in this job, I do not stop, I finish one thing then there’s another one starting straight away. I need this motivation, I need this positive mindset to be able to complete all these projects and accept that failures that come my way, because there is no success without failure. So I read a lot of those books. When it comes to fun I LOVE travelling. It’s the best thing in the world if I could. I would go to every country if not city! I love learning about cultures and traditions and talking to the local people and learning about what they eat and their customs. Unfortunately I do not have that much time to travel but being self employed I get to travel for work,and I can get the best of both worlds, work a little bit and then book an extra day or two and go sightseeing or book a bus tour.

What would be your perfect date?

Um, something active and creative. I don’t really care for the cliche of the expensive restaurant date where a glass of wine is $100. I don’t really care for these dates so much, as I am fortunate enough to be able to do that for myself, I don’t need that from a man, I don’t need them to provide me with luxury gifts, what I do need is a man who is smart, intelligent and ambitious and is business oriented. If I do get into a relationship I want to build together. An ideal date would be something active, let’s maybe go for a drive to the grand canyon and go for a walk around, go on a zip line then after that let’s go get some chilli cheese dogs and just chat for a while and if the vibes are good then there will be a second date. But if you’re giving off stupid vibes, that is an immediate no haha! I appreciate really good company and to be able to have a conversation which is meaningful, whether that’s with a man or a woman.

What is your favourite thing to do at work?

My favourite part of this job is connecting with people, it’s by far the best thing out there. I believe everyone has a certain gift, everyone is good at something, everyone has something to offer. And it’s your job to find out what it is and I love that, you can learn something from everybody, even an infant. I like having personal conversations, I am very personable with my fans. I do not care about appealing to the masses, I would say. I prefer to make it really personal, as personal as humanly possible my fans and I chat a lot about personal lives, marriage issues, kids acting up, their car breaking down whatever they want to tell me I love learning it, getting to know them as a person and that way I can cater to them better as I know who they are what they like and  what they’re like so I can cater to them in a better way. Communicating with fans is my favourite part, my favourite content to shoot is by far female domination.

Who is your biggest celebrity crush?

I do not have a celebrity crush, because again I don’t know these people, I don’t know what the proper term is but I am very attracted to the brain, if I cant talk to you and we can’t have a certain vibe then I am probably not going to care for them so much. Of course I find certain men hot, but I wouldn’t call that a crush. I have to get to know a person to have a crush on them.

Okay, so which celebrity do you think is really hot?

The Rock is hot, Robert De Niro is hot, I don’t have a specific type, some people might like muscles or tall men. I don’t have that, I don’t care for looks as much. But if I had to describe my type, a guy who is on the bigger side, a little chubby, tall, 5 o’clock shadow, and intelligent if you have that you probably have a shot haha.

Do you have a specific fantasy that you would like to live out in your job that you haven’t yet?

Absolutely, I have never dominated a woman and that would be so interesting. I would love to try that, women are a little different. You have to approach them differently. They care about different things. I haven’t yet had a chance to do that yet but I would love to try, wouldn’t that be awesome, I think I need to start organising one!

What do your family and friends think of your career choice?

My friends don’t care, they can see that I’m happy and I’m doing well so they love it. They’re happy for me. My family, I don’t have much family left, my parents are deceased, my sister doesn’t particularly care, I don’t really have much contact with the rest of my family in Poland so some of them don’t know and I don’t feel like I have to tell them. People that are in my environment and that I care about know and they don’t care which is all that matters.

Do you have any tips for readers on growing your social presence?

Definitely be consistent. Follow the guidelines, a lot of people seem to think that to get a lot of likes and to grow and to make a lot of money you have to be naked all the time and post the most explicit photos imaginable, it’s actually the exact opposite and I take a lot of time teaching this to my coaching girls, I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I offer coaching for women who want to improve their lives, want to be financially independent and strive for financial freedom. I have all kinds of women, women in my groups some who are 19, 35 or even nearly 60. They are all doing well because they are all able to understand the importance of teasing, it is the same with social media. Unfortunately I cannot give you all the tips, if anyone is interested in growing social media channels I do ofer growth campaigns through my coaching campaigns and I do offer promo and ads, you can always hit me up for advice. Generally less is more so keep that in mind.

Okay, interesting! Is there anything that you wish you had known before getting started in the industry?

That’s an interesting question, I am not much of a wishing kind of person, because I generally think that is useless. I think you either want something and will go for it or you don’t. Sitting here wishing you had a million dollars, do you really? If you do then you would go and get it. So I’m not much of a wishing person. There are a couple of things I regret. For example, as much as I did research certain things, just not researching enough, not paying attention enough, and not treating it seriously enough especially when I first started on instagram which took off very quickly for me. I recently lost my big instagram account I had 1.8 million followers, that page is gone because mainly not paying attention to what I should’ve cared about years ago when I first started has still affected my to this day, simply posting things that shouldn’t have been posted and got the page flagged, there’s things I regret but I do also believe that is still part of the process, you can’t research and learn everything some things you just have to experience and learn from your own experience. Growing social media, succeeding in this industry, figuring out what content sells and what doesn’t, what your fans care about and what they don’t. This is more of a trial and error thing, after that you can use the data. There’s a couple of regrets but I don’t spend much time whining about it and I’m always looking forward never backward.

That’s a great answer Romi, that’s all my questions for today thank you so much for your time.


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