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Google Rolls Out June 2024 Spam Update

June 21, 2024

It was only a matter of time.

Just yesterday, Google released the June 2024 Spam Update, promising a more refined approach to maintaining search result quality. With a rollout that began on June 20th and may take up to one week to complete, the update’s aim is simple: to further eliminate low-quality and spammy content from Google’s search results.

So, for anyone invested in maintaining their website’s search ranking and ensuring compliance with Google’s strict spam policies, keeping abreast of these changes is your safest bet.


  1. What is the June 2024 Spam Update?
  2. So What Exactly are Google’s Spam Policies?
  3. Was the March 2024 Spam Update Not Effective Then?
  4. What the June Update Means for Your Business
  5. Recent Google Updates

What is the June 2024 Spam Update?

Google’s June 2024 Spam Update is a targeted effort to enhance the quality of search results. How? By focusing on sites that violate Google’s spam policies.

Is This Related to the Site Reputation Update?

According to Google SearchLiaison, no.

As Google’s Search Liaison clarified, this update is separate from the upcoming algorithmic enforcement of site reputation abuse, which will be announced separately. The current focus remains on bolstering Google’s spam detection capabilities to ensure a cleaner and more reliable search experience.

So What Exactly are Google’s Spam Policies?

Google’s spam policies are essential for keeping search results relevant and trustworthy. Updated regularly, they aim to weed out low-quality, deceptive content, ensuring users get the best possible information. As for the specific rules being broken, these include:

  • Automatically generating content solely to improve search rankings.
  • Buying or selling links to manipulate rankings.
  • Having thin, duplicated, or poor-quality content.
  • Tricking users with hidden redirects or other deceptive techniques.

Was the March 2024 Spam Update Not Effective Then?

Oh, it was, but spammers love to keep Google busy.

Sure, the March 2024 update had a significant impact, but that also didn’t stop some AI-generated content from still managing to rank well. In fact, this exploited a loophole that allowed new content an initial ranking boost. The June update aims to close these loopholes, further refining Google’s spam detection and removal processes.

What the June Update Means for Your Business

The June 2024 Spam Update has important ramifications for website owners, marketers, and content creators.

If you notice fluctuations in your search rankings, it may have something to do with this update. Websites that engage in practices violating Google’s spam policies, or rely heavily on AI-generated content, might see a huge decline in their search visibility.

How Do I Adapt to the New Spam Update?

It’s simple – keep up-to-date with Google’s updates and guidelines. This includes:

  • Regularly reviewing Google’s spam policies and ensuring your website complies.
  • Creating high-quality, original content designed to meet user needs rather than manipulate search engines.
  • Avoiding deceptive practices such as hidden redirects.
  • Monitoring your website’s search performance and being ready to adapt to changes.

Recent Google Updates

Google has been actively updating its algorithms and policies to enhance the quality of search results. Here’s a recap of the recent updates:

So What’s Next?

Sure, Google’s efforts to create a more reliable and user-friendly search experience are commendable, but we understand that updates like this can be stressful. As long as you stay compliant with Google’s policies and guidelines, keeping your business on track shouldn’t be a problem.

For more insights and strategies to enhance your online presence, visit our News Page or contact us today. We’re committed to helping your business thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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