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Adult Entertainment

Interview with Maddison Black

November 10, 2022

The following is an interview with internationally published model and adult content creator Maddison Black.

During our chat with Maddison, she gives us her top advice for starting out in the industry and the craziest request from a client.

Hi Maddison! Tell me a bit about yourself, when did you first start in the industry?

I started OnlyFans when it first ever came out, so about 5 years ago maybe. I didn’t start straight away what I do now, I gradually worked my way up the levels so I didn’t start showing anything sexual right away, I started with underwear shoots, then went to topless and then nudes, then girl girl and now I’m at the highest level which is porn.


So you just kind of got the ball rolling on OnlyFans and it just developed through that?

It took time, I’ve only been doing full on porn for about 3 years, the first two years I only just did it myself, finding my feet you know.


Yeah I think the common misconception with only fans is that you’re going to become a millionaire overnight, is that not the case?

Oh no, it took me ages to build to where I am today. Some girls just have it easy and just blew up on day one, but I really had to work to get to where I am today.


I guess unless you have a post that just goes viral, it’s a lot of hard work trying to get your name out there.

It is a full time job, it took a lot of work. I’m just making myself a brand now.

What made you decide to go into the adult industry?

So I’ve always been a sexual person and I was in a two and a half year relationship that had failed at the time of OnlyFans first coming out. So I was freshly single. Before that I was always sending photos to my man, underwear and ass photos, I was seeing ads for it and followed a couple of girls who were already in the industry. So I joined and of course I already had so many underwear pics, ass pics from sending it to my man before I just started posting those on there. I lived with my ex at the time so when we split I became jobless and moved back in with my mom. It was just a way to get money essentially while trying to find another job.


Can you talk us through a standard day in your life?

Every day is different. So because I work for myself I have a lot of freedom. I do what I want when I want. I’ve got a lot of free time, I like to go get my nails done, lashes done get on the sun-bed.  I usually sleep in till about 2pm. I am never awake in the morning unless it’s for something planned and I HAVE too. But I’m a night owl. I go to sleep at like 4am sometimes later like 6am. I work mainly at night on webcam, sometimes I’ll webcam throughout the day. Sometimes I’ll go to my girls and we will cam together. Or I’ll go touring around the U.K. and do potential collabs. Every day is just different. Like today, I’m doing this, then later I have been invited to an opening of a bar so I’ll be vlogging that. 


What is one product that you can’t live without?

Can I say my phone? Or is that too obvious haha. Sexual wise definitely my wand!


What have you learned about yourself that you didn’t know before?

I’ve learnt so much. It’s made me realise what I like in the bedroom more, opposed to what I don’t like and why. I’ve learnt about other people and peoples mindsets and backgrounds. I’m just forever growing as a person.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever been asked to do for work?

There’s been a couple of times where guys have asked me to record myself farting and they’d buy it off me. And shitting. And could NEVER be able to do that. It’s just crazy to me. Someone once asked me if I could fart the alphabet and I was like nooo! Haha!


If you weren’t in the industry what do you think you’d be doing?

So I had office jobs before I quit to go full time with this. So I’d probably still be in one of those jobs. I was a buyer for a company for 2 years before quitting to go full time doing what I do now. However I love beauty. Even tho it wasn’t what I studied at college. I studied travel & tourism and creative and media. I do kinda wish I did something beauty related. 

Someone from my old work is actually subscribed to me, he’s been a loyal subscriber for at least 2 years! He buys my videos but I don’t know if he knows that i know its him haha! He’s always kept it quiet we haven’t ever chatted haha he just buys!


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

Music is my go too. It’s always on when I’m around the house just vibing. I’ve started doing a few music videos, modelling on them which I would like to start doing more. Shopping, I have an addiction. Going out I like to party. I’m trying to get into fitness but I don’t think it’s for me. I need to try fit workouts in my routine 


What would be your ‘perfect date’?

I’m a massive foodie so anything that involves taking me out to eat it’s a win! Sometimes I might not even be interested in the guy but I will go just for the free food, not so much anymore but I used to haha!


What is your favourite thing to do at work?

Probably the photo shoots and events I get invited to. I do love filming but I now prefer showing myself off in a non sexual way, going out and being sociable you know. I do a lot of collabs with people, it’s not all about the money, I can benefit in other ways like collabing with my photographer and I can use them for my platforms so its mutually beneficial for us both!

Who is your celebrity crush?

Chris brown is something else!


Do you have a fantasy that you’d like to live out in your job?

Wouldn’t say it’s a fantasy. More like a goal. But doing this job. I really want my mom to retire. Soon it will come. It will happen. I’m manifesting it. She works so much I just want to make enough to be able to retire her. 


What do your family and friends think about your career choice?

I never really gave them any say in it. So at first my mom didn’t know. Then she started seeing me getting money and had a feeling I was doing something for it. So within about 6 months – a year of starting she found out by seeing me buy things and I kinda had to tell her. She always to this day tries to talk me out of it and to find myself a “proper job”. I don’t really talk about it to her. I know she doesn’t like me doing it. 


Do you have any tips for readers on growing your social presence?

So I tend to do a lot of share for share with girls to grow my platforms. I think that’s the best way. Or buy promo. However I’ve never bought a promo. My accounts get deleted so I wouldn’t want to waste money on an account that could be gone soon.


How much do you earn on average per month in this industry?

That would be telling!!


Is there anything you wish you had known before getting started in the industry?

Be prepared for no guy to ever take you seriously. I never really thought about how my future relationships would be and how guys would perceive me. But let me tell ya, it’s hard. Guys will label you as a whore for the job and more time wouldn’t want anything serious with you.

Thanks for taking the time out to chat to me today Maddison, it was lovely chatting to you and good luck with your event later!

Thank you!


Find all of Maddisons links on; maddisonblackofficial.com or go direct to her OnlyFans page here.