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PPC Marketing for Adult Ecommerce

December 13, 2023
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Whether you’re an established industry giant or just starting out in the wide world of adult ecommerce, conquering this ever changing & saturated industry can sometimes feel like a never ending challenge. With so many channels to focus on, endless competitors outperforming you and the ever changing market demands, it may feel difficult to find and create a successful strategy.

In order to stand as a key figure in an otherwise saturated market, adult ecommerce businesses have to look at other, non-organic methods to kickstart their earnings. Google Ads (also commonly known as Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click)) offers just that – the ability to stand out above the rest of your competitors and boost sales with ads that run on Google Search, YouTube and any other Google owned platforms.

With the right management and approach, PPC advertising is a pivotal strategy that could boost your business from a small side-hustle to the next Lovehoney – and so much more. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, boost sales, drive sign-ups or increase visibility to your business, PPC can be an extremely powerful tactic, regardless if you’re selling sex toys, bondage equipment or lingerie.


  1. Understanding PPC for adult ecommerce
  2. What goes into creating engaging, conversion ready ads?
  3. The Benefits of PPC Marketing
  4. Challenges specific to adult ecommerce PPC
  5. Creating a strategy that compliments other channels
  6. Our Success

Understanding PPC for adult ecommerce

As opposed to traditional advertising, PPC services differ in a few ways. First and foremost, instead of paying for advertising space on a website or platform, advertisers are paying for clicks. This means that ads will be displayed but advertisers are only charged when an ad has been clicked on. This, in essence, means that only when an ad has successfully engaged an user, is when an advertiser is charged.

Our main PPC platform, Google Ads, allows for the creation of hyper-targeted ads that reach the right audience for your goals on Google Search and other Google platforms. Depending on the type of business you are, however, not all options might be viable or even possible for you. Google imposes a set of strict regulations for those who run ads on any of their platforms, so it’s crucial to understand these rules before deploying any ads.

As a PPC agency, we have plenty of experience making our ads work while adhering to these very guidelines, so if you’re not sure where to start, why not book a free consultation with our in-house PPC specialists? After your consultation and acceptance of our proposal, you will be assigned a professional Google Ads Manager who will act as your touchpoint should you have any queries or need for support.

What goes into creating engaging, conversion ready ads?

There’s a lot of building blocks that make up the intricate machine that powers your ads, however successful. Here, at Adult Creative, we pride ourselves on delivering hyper-targeted ads that resonate with your audience. So, allow us to give you a quick run-down of how we turn simple clicks into loyal customers:

Constantly Ongoing Keyword Research: Identifying at which point of the funnel a user is based on their search queries is a crucial step to finding the perfect keywords, ready for conversion. Our team is constantly looking for new, high potential and low cost keywords for our campaigns – at every step of the way. We also utilise our expert SEO team’s understanding of adult keywords to ensure our success in this step.

Deep Market Research: Through the use of industry standard research tools and manual research, we build an extensive library of your and your competitors’ biggest audiences, previous ads and the general state of the market. We use this data to develop a set of Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) which we use to understand who we’re targeting our ads to and why they would be interested in the first place.

Highly-Engaging Creatives: Utilising the data collected from the previous points, we identify the best approach for the highest potential for our ads. Whether this is creating an ad for each specific ICP or touchpoint on the customer journey map, we can assure you that you will receive a completely bespoke strategy and set of ads, specially crafted by our team for your business.

The Benefits of PPC Marketing

It should be obvious that PPC advertising has an extremely high potential to skyrocket the performance of your business, but for those that might not be as “in the know” as others, we’ve compiled a few quick points to really drive home just how much potential this tactic offers.

Immediate Traffic

As opposed to organic growth strategies, the incoming traffic from PPC is nearly instantaneous. This allows smaller businesses to get a quick foot in the door with PPC where organic tactics such as SEO would take multiple months.

Hyper-targeted Audience Matching

Using standard tools on Google Ads, we can really drill down into which segments of your audience are most worth advertising to, at what time of the day, exactly where geographically and even their other interests. This way, you don’t have to spend your budget on users not ready to convert.

Measurable ROI (Return on Investment)

In a landscape where ROI is difficult to gauge without meticulous bookkeeping, pay per click is clear cut: you will receive a monthly report with exact numbers on your costs, profits and raw conversion value as well as a set of other KPIs such as CTR (Click-through rate), Impressions and etc.

Brand Visibility

Due to the fact that advertisers only pay for ads when they are clicked, even users who do not specifically click our ads can be benefited from. If targeting the right keywords, a mere, free placement of our ad can improve your brand recognition and contribute to much higher brand recall from users.

Challenges specific to adult ecommerce PPC

As mentioned briefly above, Google’s strict restrictions pose the biggest roadblock for adult businesses to utilise PPC to its maximum potential. As one of the fastest growing PPC Agencies in England which specialises in the adult industry, we are experts at making sure that none of our ads break these guidelines while also delivering highly resonant and emotionally poignant ads to your users that push them through the gate of conversion.

With our experience on how to tailor ad copies and targeting to ensure no banned adult content is portrayed, we can guarantee delivering a set of highly engaging ads for your business. On the other hand, generally, there still remains quite a large stigma around the adult market. As the years progress, however, this is something we are slowly seeing to decrease. So, why not get ahead of the curve and start your own PPC marketing? Get in touch with our team for a free consultation and let us get you more sales than ever before!

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Creating a strategy that compliments other channels

The most effective tactic to building a successful ecommerce business in 2023 is simple: one must make sure that all marketing efforts work in tandem with each other, avoiding “silos”. Our approach very much resonates with this sentiment. Whether you’re looking at just PPC or also interested in one of our other services offered such as SEO, we will always make sure to create a comprehensive strategy that can work perfectly with your existing or other new marketing efforts.

Our Success

Passionbugs approached us after an extremely negative and unsuccessful experience with Lord Alan Sugar’s digital marketing agency, Climb Online with the goal of asking our aid to help them recover. In just one quarter, we were able to increase their conversions by 885%!

Here’s what they had to say:

“After a couple of failed attempts with other SEO and PPC companies we came to Adult Creative. We didn’t hold out much hope having spent a fortune previously for very little return, but these guys are different. The passion and commitment that Lewis, Mate and Charlie have shown to our business has been outstanding. They are honest and open about expectations, they keep us up to date every step of the way and they respond quickly and effectively to any concerns we may have regarding campaigns and budget performance. The knowledge they have between them has been invaluable and we are learning and growing each week from their support and guidance. It is an asset to have them working with passionbugs and we highly recommend them.”

Take Your Clicks Into Currency With Adult Creative!

Reach the true potential your business holds with our expert PPC marketing services! Our Google Ads Management can take all of the stress out of PPC marketing and get you more sales than ever before.

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