New Website Launch for JFM London Escort Agency

May 3, 2022

Have a look at the latest London Escort Agency to hit the market!

JFM London Escorts is now up and running better than ever before! The brand new website design features many new and exciting UI improvements and add-ons making this sleek new website one anyone would be happy to browse.

After being designed and created by another web development company, who made many errors in the production, and have potentially lost a number of clients with a low functioning website. Adult Creative took on the mammoth project to repair and restore the site, creating different elements to make sure it’s easily discoverable and a great site to visit for users.

Different categories that they offer 

The original site we began working on was lacking essential coding such as H1 tags which are a very important part of SEO, without this the reader may not be drawn in as they haven’t been given a clear indication the content on the page.


One of the girls profiles on JFM


They offer lots of exciting updated features we’ve worked on, such as; gallery filters, location galleries, reviews and a bootstrap upgrade to the latest version. They also have a section to view the most FAQs, read their blog page or look into the recruitment process to begin the transition into becoming a JFM girl. 

The blog page


We went live with our latest design on April 21st and have since increased traffic to the webpage for many happy users. Before we created the new easy to browse site, the original navigation of the page was extremely poor, this caused all of the location pages to be orphan to the site map. 

Without links from your other website pages to a certain page, that page has no connection to the outside world. When people are browsing your site, there’s no way for them to get to the page. Thus, the name orphan since these pages are siloed and lack any link back to parent pages –

Our highly trained team worked hard creating the perfect website for this agency and are proud to announce the rerelease. Have a look at our portfolio section to look at the other projects we have worked on. Get in touch with us if you believe we can help you develop your adult business further.