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Top 5 Adult Platforms to Make Money

June 30, 2020
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Top 5 Adult Platforms to Make Money

The adult industry has seen steady and reliable growth year on year for almost 3 decades. From Hugh Hefner’s Playboy empire to the rise of phone sex on late-night television, the adult industry is nothing but revolutionary.

In the midst of a global pandemic and political shifts, it seems more relevant than ever that the adult industry is also making strides of its own: The Rise of performer-controlled revenue. Porn is the most widespread form of adult media and with the industry worth an estimated $16bn (up to $90bn), according to index.com – how much of that money is given to the performers?

In 2020, there are more ways than ever before for adult performers to make money, so here is our list of exactly how you can earn extra cash through a range of different platforms, all of which you can build with Adult Creative.


Webcamming became somewhat of a craze in the late 2000s, as many young female adult performers saw camming as an opportunity to break into the very male-dominated porn industry. Unfortunately, the porn industry was one step ahead of them, buying up many of the largest cam sites and taking a large % of any earnings through a cam session.

However, times have changed, and today cam models not only have the ability to monetize their own cam sessions, but can even host other models on their website too! Yes, that’s correct! Camming is now an accessible resource for every performer. There are many great live streaming platforms available but more than ever, performers are choosing to have a bespoke site built for their specifications. Our webcam development team have spent months researching and designing webcam software that is both easy to use and multilayered when it comes to the list of features available, making it easier than ever to make money through webcam streaming.

Porn Tube

Porn, like most other industries, is dominated by a very select number of companies who are responsible for hundreds of websites, and simply buy out their competition. However; now, more than ever, audiences are crying out for a unique experience.

Amateur and homemade porn are rising in popularity by the day, all the while high-production videos with “household names” seem to be losing their following. The big change has come in the change to what is needed to make a high-quality porn video. Advancements in camera phone technology and easy access to video editing software have made porn something that everyone can not only access, but make themselves

If you have a great idea for a porn site, why not build your own? Our Porn tube software is capable of hosting thousands of videos without any playback interruptions or need for external extensions.

Our porn web development service here at Adult Creative is perfect for amateurs and professionals alike. Our designers worked closely with our development team to help create a platform that is not only incredibly user-friendly but also offers all the functionality needed to run a successful porn site. From video streaming porn software to premium membership possibilities, our platform is perfect to launch your career in the right direction.

Fan Subscription

Today, fan subscription platforms are one of the lucrative digital sectors of the adult industry, as ever more professional performers are turning to subscription-based platforms. So what is the benefit? Firstly, in terms of the consumer, they are now consuming a more personal and intimate form of content. They can engage with the person who they admire and pay for specific requests. This is a revolutionary way of digesting content and shows how far the industry has come since the days of large-production porn videos.

The performer gains a following through active social media. This, in essence, is their way of levelling the playing field against the larger porn sites that for many years dominated the market. By selling a subscription-based service, these performers are also making sure that they keep the majority of the money that is made through their content. One of the most problematic parts of the adult industry is the amount of hands that reach into a girl’s profits before she has seen a penny, with a fan subscription platform, that is completely eliminated. According to Business Insider, performers can make up to £100,000 a year through content sharing platform – OnlyFans. That is considering the amount that the performers also have to give away to the platform for hosting. By creating their own fan subscription site, you can make sure to hold on to all of the profits.

Become the next OnlyFans with Adult Creative and reap the benefits of our cutting-edge social subscription web design service.

Independent Escort

The days of traditional escort agencies running the industry seem to be fading, as we make way for more independent escorts websites and directories popping up every month. It seems like the invention of apps like Vivastreet and Adultwork have changed the expectations for a client looking to book an escort’s services, with many now favouring the multiple choice directories and independent girls.

Building your own independent website has a multitude of benefits including; Full control of your bookings, controlling your own visibility, managing your own SEO, making sure that you’re being represented in a way that suits your style and personality, and the likelihood of building longer-lasting relationships with your clients.

Arrange a free consultation with our independent escort web design team today, and learn what we can do to help boost your online presence.

Escort Agency Site

Just because independent escort sites are becoming more and more popular, that doesn’t mean that there is no room for agency sites to also make some serious money in 2020. For every client that prefers a large selection of choice, there are just as many who want to book from an agency that holds people accountable to the standards and expectations that they set.

If you already run your own agency, you will be fully aware of the challenges that come with it. By building your own escort agency platform with Adult Creative, the most experienced escort agency developers in the UK, you are giving your agency the very best chance to succeed. We are very clear with every client that comes our way, having a website is not enough, you need to be actively engaging with your audience and always striving to improve your website if you want to be the best.  Our Escort Agency software has been tried and tested with some of the most popular agencies in the country. This includes multiple sites that are currently ranking page 1 in their respective areas.

Build an Adult platform with Adult Creative and make money!

There is no better time than the present to start your journey in the adult industry. We have spent countless hours perfecting our website templates and making the very best bespoke sites that are scattered all over the world. If you have an idea and want to put it into practice, get in contact with Adult Creative today.

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