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Top 5 Adult Platforms in 2020

June 1, 2021
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Top 5 Adult Platforms in 2020

Times are changing in the adult industry and it seems now more than ever is the best time to invest in a business of your own. The question every business owner is asking which of the many new different options should you look into? According to the Mirror, Nearly 15% of internet content is adult related, which has steadily grown, year on year since the first adult video was uploaded.

Adult Creative have been at the forefront of innovation in the Adult Industry which is why we can give you an in-depth look at all of the exciting new platforms that we have in development as we speak and ready to help your business. Our experience in this industry has taught us one thing: The adult industry is one which evolves very quickly, so if you’re thinking about making an upgrade, the sooner the better.

Fan Sites

If you know anything about the adult industry, you’ll know about the rise of the performer/fan platform. The obvious name in this industry is Only Fans. Founded in 2016, the Only Fans model is based on the performer selling content to “fans” which are paid subscribers who pay a monthly fee to get access to pictures and videos. Since then, it has grown into an internet phenomenon with seemingly every female performer now having an account with the site. It has created an economy within itself, with the platform generating their revenue through taking a percentage of their performers profits.

Fan sites have forever changed the landscape of the porn industry forever and there is little doubt that performers today face a different set of challenges

One of the fundamental principles that’s imperative to understanding this industry is knowing that the fans come to the site for the girl, regardless of the platform which is hosting them. Our performer software has the same capabilities as the major already existing projects but we can customise your site to your very own specifications. If you want to find out the finer details on the fan subscription then visit our Performer Fan Subscription page here.


Classified sites are another platform that seem to be growing exponentially. The concept is simple, a platform where users can place adverts as well as find services or items that are too niche to find elsewhere. One of the great things about the classified system, is the sophistication of the ad system. Most classified systems give their potential advertisers the choice of different levels of Ad placements. This encourages the users to engage with adverts that have been promoted to the highest level, generating more revenue for the advertisers.

The most common hierarchy lists adverts into the categories of: VIP, featured and highlighted, all of which can give advertisers different levels of reach.

If you are considering starting a classified website but have no idea where to start or what you need to do, pick up the phone and give us a call today.Running your own classified systems can be one of the most profitable

We have a number of different platforms already in production so we can give advice on every facet of your site. We have a great range of features to add to your classified site,  if you want to see more of what we can do, check out our case study Evening Angels.


Webcams have been one of the most popular forms of adult media for a number of years now. Starting on television, webcams have given performers a direct line of communication to the viewers that are willing to pay to view. The only difference with internet based webcam systems is the added element of online chat.

One of the leading companies in the Webcam industry is Chaturbate who have continuously evolved their portfolio to make sure they are always bringing something new to their clients, more recently starting a series similar to a Netflix show which focuses around the life of a cam girl

There are currently a large number of different webcam hosting sites that are securing large amounts of revenue without having to spend much on marketing. The business model encourages the models to advertise their show on your site, giving you a guaranteed audience providing that you can work with models who already have an audience.

Our webcam system has taken a long time to master. It is one of the most difficult pieces of software to build, which is why we are proud to bring the most complete webcam software in the market to you. Our system is fully scalable and can grow as your audiences.

Escort Agencies

Escort agencies are facing probably the largest and most difficult challenge that they have seen for decades. It is not the law breathing down their necks anymore but escorts deciding to list their services independently in hopes to keep a larger share of their profits. A modern escort agency needs to be able to offer the escorts something completely new, something that they cannot achieve by themselves.

We have listened to the struggles of our clients and made sure to be as adaptable as possible. So what are we doing to ensure that our clients get the latest advancements in agency technology? Well firstly we are providing our clients with modern sites that encourage bookings through intelligent user flow systems and unmatched graphic design, but other companies can do that too right?

Which is why we are launching our brand new product Instabuk. Istabuk is a brand new escort booking software system which gives both the escort and agency full access and control over every booking, with Instabuk, a client simply selects which escort they want to book, and through an automatic text alert, the booking can be confirmed within a couple of minutes.


Do you have a business already? Or maybe you’re looking into possibly bringing an idea to life through a website? E-Commerce websites are quickly replacing the high street, so there is no better time than now to build a custom website.

If we are talking about platforms to build an E-commerce store, you’re not short on options. The most common template website store is Shopify but the market is also saturated with other companies such as WIX and squarespace. These sites will allow you to build a website but is completely refined in your flexibility in what you may want to add.

We only build custom websites and our E-commerce package is no different. Modern online stores offer much more than a product list and a search filter as users begin to expect more from the websites they visit.