Tips to increase your E-commerce Revenue

August 31, 2021

Tips to increase your E-commerce Revenue

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you would have probably noticed a large rise in E-commerce shoops popping up all over your feed. E marketer have predicted that the E-commerce market is set to grow 18% this year alone.

So why is this new way of shopping becoming more popular? Well there is the obvious issue of the global pandemic but the trajectory of e-commerce shopping has been on an upward spike for a while. One of the main reasons is the lack of diversity in town centres across the country. Gentrification of town centres has priced out the individual businesses who give a town character, but through an online store, local businesses are reclaiming their access to their customers.

If you already own a business and have not yet set up an E-commerce store then you have possibly cost your business thousands in potential revenue. If you are looking to set up a business from scratch, an E-commerce platform is the perfect place to start. Either way, building your online store is a must in 2020 but where do you start? One of the biggest mistakes that people make is hopping into a project without the correct planning and preparation to give their business every chance to succeed. We have worked with dozens of E-commerce businesses and know exactly what it takes to succeed in. In this blog we aim o answer all of your questions including: How to build an E-commerce site, The best E-commerce site platforms and what to do after you have build your E-commerce site.

Here is our guide to running a successful E-commerce platform in 2020.


The most important part of setting up your online business is to plan every step. This should be the step that takes the longest as making sure your site is prepared for the challenges it will face comes here. The first thing to think about is your USP. What is it that will make your customers chose your site over anyone else’s, if you are selling a selection of products available elsewhere, why would someone use your service? Making your shop stand out from the rest is the impossible task but you give yourself a better chance when you’re hitting a USP that no one else is you give your customers a reason to come back. This USP should be at the hear of all of your branding and design goals, which should make it easier to co-ordinate marketing strategies and proposals.

Once you have planned out your product list, consider what keywords you are going to push for. Organic keywords are a great way to deliver consistent traffic to your site without having to consistently post to your socials Our E-commerce SEO team are experts in researching this for you and can make recommendations based on search intent, keyword volume and the difficulty of ranking for a specific keyword. You want to make sure that the keyword you are optimising a page for gets high number of searches but also that it is a realistic goal to achieve. You may not achieve a page one result for “sex toys” but can still gain traffic from exact match keywords that are more niche, i.e, “Jessica Rabbot dildo”.

Branding should also be a major part of the planning phase. Your branding is much deeper than a logo and slogan, it is the core values that your business stands for. Once this has been decided, you will find it much easier to design your E-commerce site around it. Knowing the core values of your branding leads into the next phase of the process.

Knowing your Audience

Once you have confirmed your branding and products, you can start thinking about the audience that you are looking to sell for. There is no better data to use than your own personal sales numbers, so use them, Even the slightest trend can indicate a sales demographic which you can target your marketing around. Consider as many factors as you possibly can when conducting market research and learn what other products are already on the market.

Is there a specific gender that you are targeting? Do your audience share buying habits? Were they born in the same generation or are there fundamental differences across all of your buyers? Knowing your audience will help you select the channels that you wish to advertise your products on. This is also helpful to know when it comes to planning your marketing campaigns. Most social media platforms allow you to target your desired audience with unbelievable accuracy.

Consistency and reliability

The first couple of months can be the most crucial for an online business as you aer establishing yourself against your competition. Social media is a great place to deal with your customers but one bad experience can undo months of good work. This is why making sure that the user experience is the best it can possibly be is crucial in the early stages of an E-commerce site.

Make sure that you always have products in stock, and deal with complaints with as much professionalism as you possibly can. Going the extra mile to make sure your customers are satisfied will pay off in the long run, according to quick sprout,  consumers are 76% more likely to recommend a good product if they have had a good experience with the product or brand than if they have had a neutral one.


After the first couple of months, you should be getting an idea of what is performing well on your site and what is more difficult to move. There are a number of factors that can impact this so consider seasonal buying habits as well as popularity of product due to certain exposure. However you should be always collecting as much data as you possibly can to help increase your sales and provide more of what your audience want.

Do not be afraid to mix up your stock inventory, or try something new as your main highlighted product but keep tabs on what the difference is in your site. Google analytics is a great free tool that will give you detailed insight in how your audience is using your site, as well as

Improvements you can make to increase your profits across the board

• Make a list of items selling best
• Learn which products are not selling well
• Keep tabs on seasonal changes to product popularity

Build your E-commerce site with Adult Creative

By choosing to build your Ecommerce site with Adult Creative, you are choosing to build a site with an agency that a company with more experience in the adult market than anyone else. We know that our clients are not looking to build a site that looks like all of the other sites already out there, they are looking to build a site that is completely bespoke and fully customisable to the needs of your users.


It’s one thing building a stunning website that your audience will love but to seriously make money you need to make sure that your site is reaching new audiences. SEO is especially difficult in the adult industry, we know that better than anyone. That is why we are always improving our SEO teams arsenal to make sure that we are always up to date with new techniques and strategies that work. regardless of what stage your website is in, our SEO team can help deliver well needed traffic that can help generate extra income when you need it most. We take a specific approach to each and every project, from the initial audit to link building and content writing. The advantage of building a site through our developers is that we build out E-commerce sites with the intention of adding high grade SEO work. If you want to find more about our SEO services, then visit our SEO page where we you can find out how SEO can help your E-commerce site.

So why not use a free website building software?

More website builders pop up daily, many of them are “free” to build with the cost normally coming with hosting but are these sites really setting you up for success? As a business owner, you will already know that nothing comes for free, and that quality normally has a price. We do not build sites for people who are undecided on whether they want to build an Ecommerce site, we only work with businesses who want to dominate. Our CMS is built to the highest specification, giving the admin full control over every single part of the site. Investing in your website is an investment in the future of your business. by choosing a free template you are estimating the worth of your website as £0, something that could cause complications further down the line. One of the major benefits that our customers report is the detail to which they can have their site optimised and customised. This means that regardless of what the future holds, you always have a highly skilled team of developers on hand who can help make changes to your site that you may not be able to fix yourself.

If you want to find out more information, please get in touch with our team now.