Passionbugs SEO Success Story: A Transformative Journey to Organic Visibility

August 14, 2023

Passionbugs is a UK-based online adult e-commerce store specialising in sex toys and lingerie.

Partnering with Adult Creative – the industry leaders in web development, adult SEO, and digital marketing – they embarked on a transformative journey to enhance their online visibility and generate organic traffic.

This case study delves into the collaboration’s strategies, challenges, and remarkable results achieved over the course of the campaign.

Client Overview:

In late February 2023, Passionbugs approached Adult Creative seeking crucial SEO guidance. With no significant presence in search engine result pages (SERPs) and limited organic traffic, Passionbugs were keen to harness the power of SEO to increase its online reach and attract a larger audience.

However, this venture into the realm of SEO wasn’t their first. Passionbugs had traversed this terrain before, encountering disillusionment and setbacks with previous well-known SEO partnerships. As a result, Passionbugs were sceptical when approaching Adult Creative.

In the face of these challenges, Adult Creative aimed to reshape these perceptions, light the path to success, and rewrite the narrative of Passionbugs’ engagement with SEO.

Initial Assessment:

Recognizing the importance of a tailored approach, Adult Creative engaged in a comprehensive consultation with Passionbugs. The strategic plan was devised considering the client’s active involvement and skill set in content creation, paving the way for a collaborative effort that maximized outcomes.

The campaign was strategically divided into hands-on SEO tasks and consultation, capitalising on the client’s proactive approach to improving their website. This collaboration fostered a harmonious environment where Adult Creative provided strategic guidance, while the client executed and oversaw specific content writing tasks.

Campaign Objectives:

The campaign was structured into three distinct phases, each with specific objectives aimed at boosting Passionbugs’ online presence:

Phase 1:

  • Attain top 10 page rankings for target keywords
  • Increase organic search traffic
  • Enhance conversions

Phase 2:

  • Elevate Passionbugs’ website to page 1 of Google
  • Consolidate and maintain the surge in organic traffic

Phase 3:

  • Secure top 3 positions for strategic keywords on Google
  • Ensure the continuity of elevated organic visibility

The comprehensive plan was initiated with the understanding that Phase 1 would span four months, and with these goals in mind, we got straight to work.


Technical and On-Site SEO Audit:

The campaign commenced with a comprehensive technical, on-site, and off-site SEO audit. This uncovered a range of issues such as poor site speed, lack of backlinks, absence of a blog section, indexation problems, and suboptimal optimization. Addressing these challenges required meticulous planning and strategic execution.

Keyword Research:

For keyword research, we meticulously analyzed three years’ worth of data. This entailed exporting all keywords from previous campaigns into a bespoke spreadsheet, allowing us to segregate high-performing keywords from the underperformers. This data-driven approach allowed us to swiftly construct a comprehensive action plan, guiding us on which keywords to pause, retain, and prioritize.

Page Speed Enhancement:

Passionbugs’ website faced a significant hurdle in the form of poor page speed, leading to unsatisfactory user experiences. A priority was set to improve the Core Web Vitals and enhance overall site speed.

Strategic Backlink Profile Development:

Recognizing the importance of backlinks, Adult Creative crafted a holistic link-building plan. This encompassed local business directories, adult e-commerce directories, outreach articles, forums, social media, and PR opportunities.

Content Plan and Blogs:

A strategic content plan was developed, with a keen focus on aligning the target keywords with the products offered by Passionbugs. The client’s proficiency in content creation allowed for the seamless generation of blogs, which played a crucial role in driving traffic and engaging users.


Optimization and Hierarchy Enhancement:

To address poor optimization and site hierarchy, Adult Creative executed targeted optimization efforts. This involved optimizing existing pages, correcting indexation iss2.8% + ues, rectifying broken links, and enhancing internal linking structures.

Results and Achievements:

While the campaign is ongoing and evolving, the initial outcomes provide a promising glimpse into Passionbugs’ transformative journey:

25.8% Increase in User Growth:

Passionbugs witnessed an impressive surge, with a notable increase of 25.8%. This is a testament to the strategic optimisation efforts that have been meticulously implemented by our team.

New Users up 25.6%:

The campaign’s impact on Passionbugs’ reach was evident in the upsurge of new users, marking a commendable rise of 25.6%. This statistic reflects the amplified visibility that the strategic campaign has delivered.

1000% Increase in Organic Search Revenue:

Perhaps the most striking outcome, Passionbugs saw its organic search revenue undergo an astounding 1000% increase. This monumental achievement underscores the profound impact of a strategically executed campaign.

90.1% Increase in Organic Search Traffic:

The most significant achievement comes in the form of organic search traffic, which soared by a staggering 90.1%. This marked increase in visitors signifies not just numerical growth, but an expanding audience eager to explore the diverse offerings of Passionbugs.

8.6% Increase in Referral Traffic:

Passionbugs’ outreach also expanded through referral traffic, experiencing a commendable uptick of 8.6%. This upward trajectory in referral influence showcases the successful knock-on effect of such a well-devised campaign developed by Adult Creative campaign.

Keyword Ranking Improvement:

Keywords, previously absent from SERPs, began to feature prominently on the top pages of search results, illustrating the precision and efficacy of our strategic endeavors.

Enhanced User Experience:

The campaign’s impact extended beyond numbers, embracing the realm of user experience. By prioritising page speed and improving site hierarchy, Passionbugs’ growing customer base could enjoy a more user-friendly and engaging website.


Passionbugs has been very vocal about their satisfaction with the initial outcomes and trajectory of progress. In fact, a heartfelt review left by the client rated Adult Creative a resounding 5 out of 5 stars for our efforts. The testimonial speaks volumes:

“After a couple of failed attempts with other SEO and PPC companies, we turned to Adult Creative. Initially sceptical due to past disappointments, we were pleasantly surprised. The dedication exhibited by Lewis, Mate, and Charlie has been exceptional. They are forthright in setting expectations, maintain open lines of communication at every juncture, and swiftly address any concerns we have regarding campaigns and budget performance. The collective knowledge they possess is invaluable; every week, we learn and grow from their unwavering support and guidance. Having them collaborate with Passionbugs has proven to be an asset, and we wholeheartedly recommend their expertise.”

The Journey So Far:

The Passionbugs case study exemplifies the power of collaborative effort in the realm of SEO. Through a meticulously designed campaign that leveraged the client’s skill set and Adult Creative’s expertise, Passionbugs experienced an organic visibility transformation over the four months.

While the journey continues, the initial achievements demonstrate the potential of strategic SEO to elevate an online business’s presence and engagement. In fact, the client was so pleased with our results, they were more than happy for us to oversee their PPC campaign.

As the campaign progresses through its phases, the collaboration between Passionbugs and Adult Creative continues to evolve, reflecting a dynamic partnership committed to driving sustainable growth, enhancing user experiences, and achieving higher levels of organic visibility.

Ready to embark on your own journey of digital transformation? Contact Adult Creative today and unlock the full potential of your business; we look forward to hearing from you.