OnlyFans Redesigned Logo Creates a Whole New Look

January 20, 2022

OnlyFans’ Brand New Logo

If you are familiar with OnlyFans, you will know that the original OnlyFans logo depicted a closed padlock enclosed within an ‘O’ and this successfully represented the brand for many years. However, OnlyFans have changed things up by swapping this for an entirely new design.

OnlyFans, arguably the most well known brands online, has redesigned its logo. It’s completely different to the previous logo and this has created an entirely new look. Now, the brand is represented by a winged ‘OF’ logo. It’s immediately recognisable and unique, two things that help a logo to stand out and make a statement. By keeping the same blue and white palette as the former logo, this new design is instantly recognisable as being part of OnlyFans’ branding.

There has been a lot of talk about OnlyFans lately, in light of the platform putting restrictions on adult creators for a brief period of time. A spokesperson for OnlyFans spoke to Gizmodo, explaining that the platform “remains committed to being an inclusive platform for all of its creators to share content that meets its terms of service.” However, there was no mention of whether OnlyFans is going to continually support sexually explicit creators and sex workers, many of which rely on the platform.

This new logo was unveiled around the same time that OnlyFans CEO Tim Stokely stepped down, allowing Ami Gan to take over his role. Stokely posted a message on his Instagram account, saying: “I have taken the decision to step down from my position as CEO of [OnlyFans parent company] Fenix International to focus on my next challenge,” he wrote. “In 2016, I launched the platform Working from my brother’s kitchen table, it would have been impossible to dream of what we achieved. I’d like to thank all of my colleagues, but the most important thank you is to all of the content creators… you made OnlyFans what it is today.”

He went on to say that he “would like to congratulate [his] successor, Ami Gan who has a deep passion for OnlyFans. I’m passing the baton on to a colleague and a friend, who has the vision and drive to help the organization reach tremendous potential. Looking forward to 2022, I’m excited for what’s coming.”