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Best Dubai Escort Agencies & Directories

March 26, 2024

Have you ever wondered where to find escorts in Dubai… stunning companions that match the city’s beauty and class? Finding a genuine and legitimate escort in this sun-kissed city is often easier said than done, what with the strict laws in place and the high risk of being scammed.

That being said, Dubai is home to some of the world’s most sought-after, elite companions. Join us here at Adult Creative as we explore the best Dubai escort agencies and directories, whilst diving deeper into the pros and cons of each.

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  1. Kings Lover
  2. Luxury Sweets Escorts
  3. Black Label
  4. Chelsea Companions
  5. Euro Girls Escort
  6. London Deluxe

Kings Lover:


  • Exclusive VIP escorts
  • Stellar professional website
  • Access to celebrity escorts


  • Lack of a precise filtering system
  • No online booking convenience
  • High prices

Average Price of Models: 2500 AED – 4000 AED  (£540 – £860)

With a lineup of exclusive VIP escorts that span the entirety of Dubai, Kings Lover is the go-to agency for those seeking high-class companionship.

For the safety of their clients, the agency ensures all escorts are meticulously vetted and 100% genuine before appearing on the website, with rates ranging from £540 to £860. And for those who dream of spending time with a face they recognize, Kings Lover even offers connections to celebrity escorts.

However, it’s crucial to note certain drawbacks, including the absence of an accurate filtering system, the lack of an online booking form, and higher prices compared to some alternatives. Despite these considerations, Kings Lover remains an excellent option for those seeking top-tier, elite Dubai escort experiences.

Luxury Sweets Escorts:


  • Exclusive VIP escorts
  • Authenticity guaranteed with selfies and videos
  • Round-the-clock, 24/7 service


  • Growing Dubai selection
  • WhatsApp text bookings only
  • Website and filtering refinements needed
  • High Prices

Average Price of Models: 3700 AED – 4700 AED (£800-£1000)

Combining exclusivity and accessibility to offer discerning gentlemen 24/7 companionship, Luxury Sweets Escorts is quickly proving itself as a contender for the best escort agency in Dubai.

Understanding the unpredictable schedules of its clientele, Luxury Sweets ensures that companions are available around the clock, accommodating even the most last-minute requests. With a modern approach to vetting, the agency provides profiles complete with selfies and videos, giving you peace of mind that the companion you select is genuinely the person you will meet.

However, as the Dubai selection is still expanding, clients may find a more limited choice compared to other cities, though Luxury Sweets is rapidly growing its presence in the region.

Black Label:


  • Accurate filtering system
  • Reviews on Girls’ Bios
  • Great website features


  • Limited visibility for non-members
  • A small lineup of Dubai escorts
  • High prices
  • Not open 24/7

Average Price of Models: 3700 AED – 4700 AED (£800-£1000)

With over 15 years under its belt, Black Label has established itself as a leader in the elite escort market, and is quickly becoming one of the best Dubai escort agencies in the industry.

Thanks to the agency’s rigorous selection process, clients can enjoy both the physical and mental connection of the genuine escorts Dubai has to offer. While anyone can browse the site, members gain access to additional photos, creating an exclusive experience for frequent clients.

Membership comes with its perks but also a higher cost, positioning Black Label as a premium choice for those seeking exclusivity. As for those looking for a cheap and quick meet, they might be better off looking elsewhere.

Chelsea Companions:


  • Access to Playboy and Brazzers stars
  • Exclusive OnlyFans content links
  • A varied gallery of female, male and trans escorts


  • Image quality on profiles is poor
  • An expansive website that feels a little empty
  • High prices
  • Outcalls are an additional £150

Average Price of Models: 1800 AED – 2800 AED (£400 – £600)

Specialising in high-end influencers, Playboy models, and adult stars, Chelsea Companions caters to a niche market seeking the best of the best.

Its strengths lie in its ability to offer clients an exclusive glimpse into the world of celebrated personalities, complemented further by exclusive OnlyFans content links.

While Chelsea Companions dazzles with its star-studded lineup, the image quality on profiles could see improvement to match the high-calibre reputation of the escorts represented. It’s also important for clients to note that this exclusivity comes with a price tag of £400 – £600 on average, with outcalls incurring an additional £150. Despite these considerations, Chelsea Companions remains a premier choice for those seeking intimacy with a glamourous Dubai escort.

Euro Girls Escort:


  • Clean, user-friendly design
  • A vast array of choices
  • Girls reviews
  • Cheap Prices


  • Overabundance of ads makes website look a bit fraudulent
  • Low-quality images
  • Fake profiles
  • Top profiles are only highest paying & not highest rated

Average Price of Models: 700 AED – 1000 AED (£150-£230)

For those who prefer a straightforward approach to finding the perfect escort, Euro Girls Escort offers a user-friendly platform with a vast selection of companions in Dubai and beyond.

The simple, clean website design makes finding the right escort an effortless experience, free from unnecessary complications or distractions. With such a wide array of choices, clients can easily find a companion that matches their preferences and desires.

Although the overabundance of ads can detract from the user experience, this is but a small inconvenience in the search for the ideal companion. However, because it’s a directory, there is a high possibility of coming across a fake profile and falling victim to scammers. Simply clicking on a girl’s profile and checking it for reviews is a good way to steer clear of this issue. If you’re still in doubt, you can always check out the list of reputable agencies listed on the site.

London Deluxe


  • Sleek website
  • Affordable prices
  • Helpful English-speaking receptionist
  • Membership discounts available


  • Growing selection of models in Dubai
  • Limited hours of operation

Average price of models: 700 AED – 1400 AED (£150 – £300)

London Deluxe is quickly making a name for itself in Dubai, and is one of the few newcomers we advise you to keep an eye on. Founded in 2020, this agency has already established a reputation for excellence in London and is now extending its services to the UAE.

London Deluxe may be the new kid on the block in Dubai, but they’re bringing London’s refined taste and class to the desert. Now, the selection of girls in Dubai may still be growing, but with an easy-to-use website, high-class models, and a commitment to quality, they’re quickly becoming a go-to for those in the know.

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