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PR & Outreach Services

Get your brand name featured in national publications . Our PR & Outreach Campaigns will help your links get on high-quality websites relevant to your business, therefore improving your website's search engine ranking and increasing traffic.

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Blogger Outreach Services

Our industry-relevant outreach links are provided to you by a team of experts.

DA20+ Low Tier

  • Moz Domain Authority DA20+
  • Ahrefs 100+ Traffic
  • Keyword or Brand Anchor Text
  • Includes 500 Word Article
  • No Spam/PBNs
Only £200 Per Placement Order now

DA30+ Mid Tier

  • Moz Domain Authority DA30+
  • Ahrefs 200+ Traffic
  • Keyword or Brand Anchor Text
  • Includes 500 Word Article
  • No Spam/PBNs
Only £300 Per Placement Order now

DA50+ Premium Tier

  • Moz Domain Authority DA50+
  • Ahrefs 700+ Traffic
  • Keyword or Brand Anchor Text
  • Includes 500 Word Article
  • No Spam/PBNs
Only £500 Per Placement Order now

Bespoke Elite Tier

  • Contact our team of experts to discuss your bespoke blog outreach plan to improve rankings and grow traffic.
  POA Per Placement Order now

Our Exclusive Partners

We've developed a powerful network both within and beyond the adult industry, opening the doors to exciting, exclusive PR opportunities for our clients.

The Process

Developing a Powerful Outreach Strategy

Developing a Powerful Outreach Strategy

Firstly, we liaise with each client to establish a suitable budget and the best Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This is followed by keyword and anchor text research, helping us achieve the best return on investment for you. 

Afterwards, we will manually search for reputable and relevant industry-specific blogs. All our processes are 100% manual and bespoke to each client using industry-leading tools.

High Quality Links Vetting

High Quality Links Vetting

Next, we contact webmasters across the internet with a set of metrics to ensure quality. Some of the metrics we use include:

  • Moz domain authority 
  • Trust flow
  • Analyse the websites backlink profile
  • AHREF traffic and keyword metric.

We will ensure none of our partners is part of the private blog network (PBN). Once we have found the sites that fit your criteria and budget, we will contact the webmaster to pitch content ideas. 

Content Creation

Content Creation

If the webmaster likes the content pitch, our content team will transform our ideas into an article. Content will be over 500 words following all guidelines provided by the webmaster, and once completed, we will send it to the client for final approval.



Immediately after your blog is uploaded, we will send you a final confirmation of the order, including a link and website metrics. Our team will monitor your blog for a year to ensure it remains live. If it is removed, we will contact the webmaster free of charge to reinstate the blog.

Why Choose Us

Our specialist team will provide you with an unparalleled blogger outreach service.

Industry Leaders

We are the sole experts in providing PR and guest blogging for clients in the adult industry. Our specialist outreach team ensures all editorial links are published within non-promotional blogs readers want to read.

100% Manual and Bespoke Service

Our process is 100% bespoke to match your key performance indicators. Whether you are looking to improve traffic, rankings or brand awareness, we can help.

Extensive Link Vetting Process

Each potential link outreach partner has to undergo an extensive vetting process to ensure that we only work with high-quality links.

Proven Results

Check out our success stories to show our proven results, helping clients achieve better traffic and improve their rankings.

Weekly Account Management Updates

Every Friday, you will receive an email update on your project's status.

1 Year Link Maintenance

Unlike our competitors, we provide a 1-year maintenance guarantee. We will check if your article is live for one year. If the article or link is removed at any point, we will contact the web admins to reinstate the article.

Tools We Use

Using advanced industry-specific tools, we can vet outreach opportunities, establish new editorial connections, and manage your blog outreach campaign.

Success stories

We're excited to share some of our recent success stories with you. Our team has worked hard to place our clients' blogs on some of the most popular and authoritative adult sites on the web.

Before Bubbles joined AC, their site was nowhere to be found on Google. Once they came on board, we cleaned up their manual action penalty and improved their website. The result?

3.5 million page views in 2022 alone!
Page 1 for top keywords such as Cheap London escorts
Page 1 for Outcall London Escorts
Traffic also grew by 8.7% in 2022
Conversions, increasing by 12.5% compared to 2021!

London Deluxe has excelled in the past two years with us as a one-stop shop for all types of escorts.

In 2022 alone conversions increased by 60% compared to 2021
1.5 million page views in the same year
Over 50+ keyword page 1's
Page 1 for Domination Escorts London
Page 1 for London Escort Agency
1.5 million page views in 2022

Bed Domination has been the No.1 domination escort agency in London for years, ranking highly for its top keywords since working with our SEO team. We have achieved Position 1 for important keywords such as:

Page 1 for Domination escorts London
Page 1 for Mistress escorts London
Page 1 for Dominatrix escorts London
1 million page views
traffic has increased 6.6% in since 2021

With consistent website improvements every couple of months, Bed Domination has become the most prominent site in its niche and continues to expand beyond London across the UK.

Kings Lover has had a successful international SEO strategy since they have come onboard with AC!

After years of SEO with other companies, Kings Lover struggled to get the results they wanted, failing to rank anywhere on Google. So when they joined us, we set about optimising their site, and soon they began to fly up the rankings.

These include
Page 1 for High-class London escorts
Page 1 for elite Dubai escorts
Conversions increased by 164% in 3 months since joining AC!

We have managed to maintain Dior’s page 1 status for six years ranking high for difficult keywords such as London escorts and London escort agency.

2022 traffic increased 10% compared to 2021
1000s of keyword searches a month!
Page 1 for London Escorts
Over 100 + Page1's

Frequently asked questions

Link outreach is the process of reaching out to other websites and bloggers in order to build relationships and gain backlinks. This can be done through guest blogging, commenting on other blogs, or simply emailing other bloggers to let them know about your site.

Link outreach is important because it helps to build relationships with other bloggers and websites, which can lead to increased traffic and backlinks. Additionally, link outreach can help to improve your search engine ranking by building links to your site.

Link outreach prices vary on what you want to achieve and your budget, so contact us if you want to discuss your project with our industry experts.

We aim to complete each order within 4 weeks from the date you purchase your link package. If

We have a process that checks monthly if this blog is still published on the website with a visabile link back to your site. If the link or the blog is removed within a year we will contact the owner of a blog to re publish the content. In the chance we cannot get the blog re-uploaded we will provide a new outreach link for free.