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A Top OnlyFans Adult Creator in Singapore Has Been Charged With ‘Obscenity’

Adult Creative
January 20, 2022

Titus Low Arrested in Singapore

There is all sorts of adult content to be found on OnlyFans, but one creator may have taken it a step too far. Titus Low, one of the top rated OnlyFans creators in Singapore, has been charged with “obscenity” after “transmitting obscene material via electronic means”, which violates the country’s strict laws.

According to Vice’s Heather Chen, Titus Low was arrested on December 30th by Singapore police. It has been claimed that he had used OnlyFans to transmit “obscene materials” showing his “private parts”. This violates Singapore’s strict laws against “obscenity”. The arrest came after an anonymous informant alerted the authorities months before. 

Titus Low has since posted a YouTube video explaining the situation, carefully detailing his ordeal and the issues that have arison. He claims Singapore authorities have targeted him under old obscenity laws, many of which are not usually enroved in many parts of the county.


Details of Low’s Arrest Have Come to Light

Details of Titus Low’s arrest can be found in a report published by Vice. It states Low “was charged in court on Dec. 30 with two counts of transmitting obscene material via electronic means for uploading 32 photographs and 29 videos to his OnlyFans account between April and October 2021. He was also charged for breaking an order from authorities in October to stay off his OnlyFans account.”

It continues to explain that charge sheets show “Low allegedly wrote to OnlyFans administrators to have his password reset so he could access the account, uploading three more photographs and five videos to the account in October. Investigations against Low are still ongoing, with his trial set to be held on Jan. 20. If convicted of the charges, Low faces imprisonment of up to three months, a fine, or both.