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Met Police Officer Found Guilty Recording Escorts

Adult Creative
November 11, 2021

Year after year, the percentage of people who have confidence in their local police has decreased and it isn’t hard to see why after former Met Police counter-terrorism officer Neil Corbel was found guilty of 19 voyeurism offences, after admitting to using spy cameras to film escorts and models.

Det Insp Neil Corbel arranged fake photoshoots in hotel rooms and Airbnb’s. Corbel would set up the rooms in advance, hiding devices in strategic places around the room where he could capture the ladies undressing. The 40 year old from Hertfordshire, was found to have hidden cameras in air fresheners, tissue boxes, phone chargers and digital clocks to film his unknowing victims. Many of Corbel’s victims included models and escorts. A couple of the ladies had agreed to have sex with Corbel, but never agreed to being filmed.

Corbel’s secret voyeurism ended abruptly when one of his potential victims became suspicious of the digital clock and found a spy camera hidden within the device. The police were contacted and after an investigation, police found images of 51 ladies on Corbel’s hard drive, leading to his arrest.

The offences took place over a three-year span across London, Manchester and Brighton between January 2017 and February 2020. Neil Corbel has since been suspended by the Met Police, after he pleaded guilty. A misconduct proceeding will now take place, after 19 victims made a statement against him.

Paul Goldspring, the Chief magistrate for the case said “Cobel had gone to quite extraordinary lengths to hide what he was doing” and after admitting to police, during interviews, that he secretly filmed intimate parts of the models for his own sexual gratification, he faces a possible jail sentence.

The case has been sent to Isleworth Crown Court for sentencing as powers to jail Corbel for a maximum of one year were insufficient.