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OnlyFans Star Lottie Moss Distraught After Phone Number And Photos Leaked Online

Adult Creative
January 12, 2022

OnlyFans Star Lottie Moss Distraught

Lottie Moss, 23, is distraught after her phone number and photos were leaked online by an ex-friend. In an emotional video, Moss revealed an ex-friend had released her content and phone number on social media. 

She found out about the betrayal from a concerned fan in a message that read: “He’s telling the boys in the group chat to sub to your OnlyFans and leak the pictures to your mother’s Instagram.” Lottie wrote: “What an evil human being.”

Image Credit: instagram

Of course, it didn’t take long for word to spread and she quickly started receiving calls from unknown numbers. She went on to say that the ex-friend had been mocking her online, sharing her content and posting her number. In fact, the individual was said to be encouraging others to subscribe to Moss’ OnlyFans account and leak the pictures too.

Lottie Moss, the younger sister of top supermodel Kate Moss, set up her OnlyFans account back in June 2021. She successfully sold nude photos of herself for upwards of £1,000 and this prompted her to create an account, where she offers a wide range of services. She is well known for posting racy photographs and videos, which is a far cry from the fashion modelling she used to do. 

She has previously claimed to be making thousands of pounds each and every month on the platform, and she is one of OnlyFans’ most popular content creators. However, this did lead to her being dropped by her modelling agency. But, with rumours that she’s making close to £70,000 a month, it’s unlikely that Moss is missing out.


Lottie Moss Is Offering OnlyFans Content For Free

In light of her phone number and photos being leaked online, and much of her content being readily available on social media, Lottie Moss is now offering to share content with fans for free. Though she is still offering extras that fans can choose to pay for and some of her modesty is covered up, a lot of Moss’ adult content can now be viewed at no cost.

Fans who are interested in more than just free content can become a VIP member for £75, which will get them a whole host of additional extras. A VIP subscription to Moss’ OnlyFans includes free unlimited chat, custom requests and VIP content. It even includes Lottie rating your manhood, if you are into that sort of thing. If £75 will break the bank, £10 will get fans access to individual photographs. 

Though Lottie Moss’ phone number and photos have been leaked online, the 23 year old content creator appears to be just as popular as ever on the OnlyFans platform.