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PPCThe Secret To Increasing Clicks By Over 250%…

As a proven industry expert in pay-per-click advertising, we used our strategic prowess to orchestrate a PPC triumph that saw unprecedented growth and success for Mr Hankey’s Toys.

Hankey's Toys

Mr Hankey’s Toys is a distinctive adult product retailer specialising in unique, realistic and award-winning sex toys. Their goal was simple: to elevate their digital presence, maximise conversions, and further establish themselves as leading pioneers in the adult e-commerce industry.

Due to a failed attempt with a PPC marketing agency in 2022, they had lost hope for PPC and were skeptical about the returns PPC could bring. Rising to the challenge was Adult Creative, and together, we created a bespoke strategy to propel Mr Hankey’s Toys into the forefront of online adult retail for their targeted keywords.

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In 2023, Adult Creative spearheaded a PPC campaign that reshaped Mr Hankey’s Toys digital landscape. Over just three months, we achieved extraordinary results, not only seeing an increase in clicks but also significantly boosting conversion rates.


Increase In Conversion Value


Increase In Clicks


Increase In Conversions




Research and Foundation Laying

Mr Hankeys’ ambitious goal was clear – to dominate the online adult e-commerce market with increased visibility, higher click-through rates, and substantial growth in conversions. To achieve this, our first step was to dive deep into customer personas and meticulous research, therefore laying the foundation for targeted and effective ads.


Creating & Deploying Ads

A diverse array of ads, each tailored to different user preferences, was deployed strategically to maximize engagement and conversions.


Effective PPC Management

Continuous monitoring and adjustment of underperforming ad groups ensured sustained success and scalability.


To drive Mr Hankey’s to new heights of success, Adult Creative took up the challenge to craft an effective PPC marketing strategy that aligned with their objectives. This comprehensive campaign focused on audience targeting, ad creatives, and continuous optimisation to maximise results.

To achieve these results, we aimed to deploy a variety of ad creatives highlighting the quality, variety, and unique aspects of Mr Hankeys’ products to resonate with diverse user preferences. Because of our commitment to success, we ensured that only the most engaging and effective ads were presented to the audience.

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402% Increase in Conversion Value

The Campaign

Embarking on a digital crusade for Mr Hankeys, Adult Creative orchestrated a PPC campaign that blended precision with creativity, resulting in a triumphant surge in impressions, clicks, and conversions. Let’s delve into the key elements of this victorious campaign and the PPC services that led to our client’s success:

Audit and Planning:

We commenced with a detailed audit of Mr Hankeys’ existing PPC landscape, identifying opportunities for improvement and laying the foundation for a robust campaign strategy.

Diverse Ad Creatives:

The deployment of diverse ad creatives allowed us to appeal to a broad audience, catering to various preferences and driving higher engagement rates.

Strategic PPC Management:

Our dedicated team closely monitored ad group performance, swiftly identifying and replacing underperforming groups to ensure sustained success.

Continuous Optimisation:

Rigorous optimisation efforts were employed throughout the campaign, ensuring that ad creatives, keywords, and targeting parameters were continually refined for optimal performance.

Challenges Faced:

While steering through the competitive landscape of adult product advertising, we encountered initial challenges, particularly in ad groups targeting niche product categories. Swift action and strategic replacement ensured that every ad group contributed to the campaign’s overall success.

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"Just beginning to work with AC on PPC but so far, no issues to report, they seem to be up to speed on their expertise. We'll be moving into SEO with them in 2024 and hopefully this goes just as well and we can continue a great relationship with them."


For Mr Hankeys, this campaign is just the beginning. With ongoing dedication, innovation, and collaboration, the partnership between Mr Hankeys and Adult Creative is poised for continued success and digital prominence.

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